Gunnar Garfors — The Globetrotter

There’s a famous quote that says ‘the world is a book and if you do not travel you read only a page’.. well in that case our guest Gunnar Garfors has almost read the whole book!!

He has traveled 199 countries and holds a Guinness World Record where he traveled 5 countries from 5 different continents in 24 hours! Seems freaking unreal isn’t it? but this guy did it.. all because of his love for travel… and he speaks all about it in the podcast.

Here’s where he started, Istanbul!

He was accompanied by his friend Adrain Butterworth(the video making guy) in this journey.

This amazing feat ended in Caracus Venezuela — here are the celebrations.

And it doesn’t stop here ..he holds another Guinness Book Record where he traveled 19 countries in a day! (hell yes he did that )

Not only this, but in all he has traveled 199 countries till date and is the youngest to do that… he talks about his book whose title literally explains the story of his life “How I Ran Out Of Countries

There’s also a story of South Korea where he almost got married and you can’t miss this one (12:03)

Imagine you reach Turkmenistan and you are greeted with this question “What are you here for girls? or drinks?” (Strange isn’t it?) Well listen up to what Gunnar replied and the funny story that followed when he was in Turkmenistan with his friends. (21:26)

“I feel very lucky that I am able to travel” said Gunnar when asked about what he feels about travelling. He has almost fulfilled his dream and desire of travelling the world and his passion for travel is definitely infectious.

He gives us many travel tips , tells us how to manage the jet-lag situations(28:30) and finances for travel journeys(16:15) and also talks about his favorite party places in the world (36:32)

So listen up to this one and travel the world through his story.