Juggling Between Photography, Blogging, Acting & Travel — Joanna Kalafatis

Daunting, tough, messy and much more .. We generally connect all these adjectives to “multitasking” … but here’s our guest Joanna Kalafatis making it all easy for us … this travel diva is a blogger, vlogger, photographer, traveler and (wait for it) even an actress …

Photographing Marseilles
At Golden Globes Award Function

Being raised near an island, Joanna is a true beach person at heart. It so evident in her fun and joyful nature. Walking out of the box and following your passion needs a lot of determination and love for the thing you do. This gorgeous lady inspires us to take that ride!

Joanna At Lulea

A true traveler absorbs and inhales the essence of the places they travel to. A wanderer revels in the beauty of the places. Joanna is no different. She follows her heart and chases her dream. She has told us some amazing stories that the places she visited gifted her.

In Paris

A lot has been talked about the ‘solo female travelers’ — a concept/word that has been over-hyped as well as over-rated. Our lady voiced her opinion on this topic and also has discussed with us some facets of ‘safety’ when we talk about ‘solo female travelers’.


Joanna firmly believes that traveling opens doors to ideate, observe and learn new things. The best part- you get to meet so many people.

So listen up to this episode and soak up all the inspiration to travel to places… we bet you are going to be packing your bags right away …

P.S: There are also many travel fashion tips in the one, well, just look at her- we had to ask her about it! * smiles sheepishly *