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Mandy On Van Life & Music Festivals

What if you get to go on a road trip in a beautiful car or van and get to enjoy the amazing van life and explore places and also get to go to amazing music festivals across the world? Sounds fun isn’t it? Our guest Mandy has being doing all of that since a long time. She shares her experiences with us in this episode.

Being constantly on the road and consistently maintaining a blog could be a daunting task… though even Mandy thinks that this task can get a bit difficult but she puts all her efforts in maintaining a great blog and boy does she have an awesome blog! … check it out here.

Mandy talks about all the difficulties a person might face while going on a road trip in a van and also shares few solutions to overcome those.

And you would totally agree to her take on setting out solo for the travel journeys.

Mandy is purely in love with music and owing to this love she visits all her favorite music festivals in the places she travels to …sometimes she travels to the places for the music festivals. And just like many of us she is also in love with the 90’s music.

She has also spoken about best places to go to on a budget and many money hacks! She shared with us her TBEX Stockholm experience and loads of interesting stuff.

Listen up to her here..

To know more about Mandy you can follow her on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest & Facebook.



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