These 6 Reasons Will Convince You To Travel In Your Early Twenties!

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A man was asked, ‘If you had the ability to go back in time, which age will you go back to?’ Immediately, without giving a second thought the man answered, ‘in my early twenties!’ Because early twenties are meant to be the times to live life a little messy, a little crazy and fully awesome!
Here’s why you should definitely travel in your early twenties-

1. It’s ‘zero responsibility’ time

Twenties are to live your life to the fullest! It’s the time when you are most alive with the adrenaline gushing in your body, carefree and without any mundane responsibilities! So it’s time to milk the moment. Traveling is done at its best in early twenties when there are no jobs, no families (to raise) and loads to classes to bunk (Even though you shouldn’t bunk :P!)

The lack of responsibility will make your journey untroubled and an amazing one!

2. Inculcate ‘travel’ in you

This is the time to make good habits and the bad ones. Both these habits stay with you throughout your life. So traveling in your early twenties will inculcate the fondness of travel and you will be always an adventurer at heart. You will take one trip and then two and later loads. These trips will add variant colors to the palette of your life!

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3. Wayyy Cheaper

Being a ‘student’ is the only occupation one has in early twenties. This makes all the prices drop a whooping 40–50%. Hence, travel in early twenties is not only fun but affordable as well. Transport and accommodation dig a big hole in the pocket and it can be totally avoided whilst traveling as a student.

4. Anywhere , everywhere and however

Being young and awesome, a person in his/her early twenties has the superpower to adjust in bizarre situations. Be it super hot or cool climate, overcrowded trains or sparsely populated cities. One can travel however as they like! Digestion is really not a problem in early twenties, so munch on anything you like with no after-effects whatsoever. In case of accommodation, hostels or hotels, you can find pleasure in either!

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5. Blog or Vlog!

Be it for proofs, store memories or to flaunt! Your travel experiences can lead you to loads of new people via blogging or vlogging! You can reach n number of people with your blogs/vlogs and make new friends in no time. Along with your new friends, you can make newer and newer travel groups everyday which in turn can lead to some of the best travel destinations of the world!

6. Make the best memories

Alone or with friends or families, there is no better thing which comes close to travel in early twenties. It is undoubtedly one of the incomparable experiences of your life. Traveling in your early twenties will guarantee best of the times and best of the memories!

As they say rightly-

‘You don’t do wild things while you’re young, you’ll have nothing to smile about when you’re old!’