Top 5 Reasons To Add Scuba Diving To Your List!

De-stress, enjoy, meditate…Swim like a fish & with the fish…!

Scuba diving, the best thing to happen to a vacation near water. It is an addictive experience. Once you go underwater you will never see life on earth the same way again. Here’s why-

1. Bye Bye hydrophobia!!!!!!

Hydrophobia, more commonly known as fear of water is among the most common types of fears. Think you can’t scuba dive as you are no swimmer and you might drown. But that’s not the case. The main reason for this is scuba diving can be learnt in a day or two and requires no prior experience. You need not be a swimmer either to scuba dive!

Now, I’m not afraid of water anymore!

2. What a mesmerizing view!

Beauty is defined here! The wonderful & colourful corals, the plants underwater. Your heart will melt when you see all the colours of the fish and corals swish softly with the water.And the exotic blue water… everywhere!!! Not just watch this in a picture, but actually feel it!

Have a grin on your face, don’t you?

3. Damn cool scuba gear!

This is one of the perks of scuba diving, the gear or accessories used are uber cool. The scuba suit and long fins help the body glide through the water with utmost ease. The goggles, snorkel and oxygen tank protect the person underwater and make the experience worthwhile…

Ready to take a dip???

4. Swim with the fascinating creatures!

Promise, there are going to be creatures you never heard of, you have never seen! Every colour imaginable, every form imaginable. Be it the fish, the corals or the plants. What’s more you can touch and feel them!

Ain’t nature a marvel!

5. Calmness like never before…

Probably the best of the perks. The calmness, the silence…is what meditation is! The soothing water slightly moving around you will take over your stress in no time. What you will be left is sheer pleasure and relief.

Sounds amazing, right?

Surely Scuba diving ought to be added to your bucket list.

So when is your Dive happening?