Ultimate Packing List For The Girl Backpacker

It’s not easy packing when you’re a girl. What starts off as a “light” bag ends up being 2 maybe even 3 bags full of clothes, shoes, make up, accessories, the works. Rarely do most of us think about the use or practicality of the contents of our luggage. So how does a girl manage to backpack? We have it sorted here…or so we think. Suggestions are welcome!

A Girl’s Ultimate Guide To Backpacking

1. Start Small — choose a regular sized backpack instead of a small one

Half the battle is won when you realize you don’t need one of those large backpacks to carry something for every occasion. A regular sized one works absolutely fine, especially if you plan on walking around.

2. Dress Sensibly — Take clothes for comfort

Backpacking is no party. You will walk, climb, jump and run across spaces while you travel. Make sure you dress for the job, and more importantly, carry a change of suitable outfits. Pack a pair of trekking trousers for sure. Get some waterproof/warm jackets (depends on the area you are going to), some shorts and t shirts and some night clothes.

3. Take Care Of Your Feet — Carry comfortable footwear!

You never know what conditions you might land up in. It’s best to carry a pair of trekking/running shoes, a pair of flip flops and some rubber slippers. Wear closed shoes as far as possible if you plan to go backpacking. Heels are not a great idea.

4. Stay Warm — carry warm inners!

If you’re trekking up a mountain or going to cooler climates, make sure you carry thermals and sweaters. A pair of warm inners are always a good idea- what if the night temperatures surprise you?

5. Accessorize Smart — carry torches, insect repellents, first aid kits and maps

Accessories matter, and how. This time, make sure your accessories are super useful in helping you survive your journey. Carry a torch and some batteries, just in case you’re stuck someplace without electricity. Pack insect repellents and first aid kits. Carry a map if needed. Also carry power banks for keeping your phones charged. And don’t forget your bottle of sanitzer!

Other than this, make sure you pack your wallet, identity proof, passport and visa if needed, your toiletries and maybe your camera and ipod if you’re a tech buff.

Happy traveling, girl!

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