Why I Want To Travel To Antarctica

Coming from a defense background where packing your trunks and moving to another part of the country every 2 years was considered normal, settling down didn’t come easy to me. Till around 2008 we traveled as a family, but life got in the way and traveling plans had to be put on the back burner. Cut to 2013 where I realized I was too impatient to stay- I had to travel, and I did. It started off being a simple getaway from daily life: it didn’t matter to me that I probably went to the same places time and again. There was always something new to experience.

And then I realized if I was smart enough to save, I could travel the world if I wanted to. And even though there is a long time before I get done with even 10% of my list, it never stopped me from dreaming. I have made travel plans, itineraries and researched a lot on places I would love to go to.There are a bunch of places I would love to visit, and one of the places that excites me a lot is Antarctica.

It’s a wild land, cold, extreme, white, beautiful. It’s an experience like none other. It scares me, it awes me, there are too many mixed feelings attached with Antarctica. So why do I want to go there? I prepared a small list for myself. Take a look –

  1. Ride to the end of the world on Tren del Fin del Mundo

2. Sail through the Beagle Channel and stop by at Ushuaia , the southern most city of the world.

3. Sight icebergs and whales at South Shetland Islands

4. Encounter penguins in their natural habitat

5. Sail through the Bransfield Strait to the Antarctic Peninsula

6. Indulge in bird watching while you cross Drake Passage

7. Drink! There is a bar at the Vernadsky Ukranian Station- who wouldn’t want to enjoy some beer at the coldest place on planet Earth? :D

Is there anything else you recommend I should add on to this list? Let me know. Here’s to hoping I’m able to make this trip happen for myself someday. If not, I hope I inspired someone to go ahead with this one.