NFT Artist Spotlight: Ishika Guha

Alexandre Lores
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7 min readDec 29, 2021

Nebulous Moonshine by Ishika Guha.

“NFTs are now considered as the most significant economic innovation in recent years because they allow us- artists to share and sell whatever we like- sitting anywhere in the world.” -Ishika Guha

What are NFTs?


Non-fungible: Adjective. Not fungible, not easily replaced and/or not mutually interchangeable; unique.

Non-Fungible Tokens: NFTs are unique digital signatures recorded on a blockchain. They are not the same as cryptocurrencies, since they unlike crypto, they are not fungible or interchangeable. However, NFTs are an innovation brought to us by blockchain technology, which also powers cryptocurrencies.

NFTs are unique tokens that display present and past ownership as well as creation source on a permanent, transparent, decentralized, secure and open-source database (a blockchain).

This technology embraces and is in the process of disrupting numerous fields: digital art, collectibles, gaming, certifications and personal licenses, IDs, domain names, music, fashion, finance and insurance to name a few.

For a full explainer on NFTs, read this.

The pioneers in NFT technology will always be the artists who embraced the technology around the world and formed tight communities online. This is one of the reasons why I have been inspired to interview and feature them in this blog series.

In this blog, we travel virtually across the Atlantic Ocean to London. London has lots of culture thanks to its connections with Africa and Asia. And it is also home to the next artist we are delighted to meet.

It is my honor to present to you Ishika Guha!

Who is Ishika Guha?

Portrait of Ishika Guha

“I keep painting; I keep unlearning those “facts” that make me think ‘I am not good enough’, those harsh remarks, comments or smirks. I just paint, I forgive those that I haven’t before, thank those that I have already!” -Ishika Guha

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