What it’s like Managing a Business as a Uni Student

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3 min readFeb 21, 2022


Trust me, it’s not as cool as it sounds.

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Before I make it sound like a ferocious clickbait, some things I’d like to disclose straight away before you jump at me — I don’t own a physical business. I run a travel blog.

Though very tine, I call it a business because it has good reason to be one. It’s monetized with ads, it has affiliate links, as well as brand partnerships. I’m even planning to write a travel memoir on it one day.

But this isn’t about marketing or building sites. This is about choosing paths.

If you haven’t visited my blog, here’s a little to know: I’m currently pursuing my Bachelor’s degree. Whenever I’m free, I sit down to write an article. It’s been 3 years since I started.

I’ll admit that I’m proud of owning a blog — there’s no denying that. But it comes with its own ups and downs.

I’m 20 and I don’t go out often with my buddies

I’m not a hardcore blogger or a writer. Hell, I barely even sit everyday to write.

Yet there’ve been days where my friends have called me out and I’ve stayed in regardless. Though I don’t force myself to work on my blog, I’ve got that little pinch in the back of my head.

The pinch that spikes when I feel I did nothing productive. A pinch that gets stronger when I go to bed.

Besides, I’ve felt much better on days working on my blog than the nights I’ve come home after a party.

Yes, I prefer to stick to College

Just to think of my ‘business’ flourishing and making myself a full-time traveler gets me day-dreaming.

But I stress on the word ‘Tiny’ when I say I have a tiny blog. It really is tiny.

It’s so tiny that it isn’t enough for me to rent out a place for myself. Lucky me, I have my bachelors’ degree coming up. If not writing, I’ll have to get a job in a software company to sustain.

Yes, I’d love to write for a living. But money’s a big boy in our lives — we can’t neglect that.

Not all of us can be Mark Zuckerberg dropping out to run a multi-billion dollar company. Neither are we all studying at Harvard.

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Making Every Minute Count

This part may make you think I’m an addict — but here’s a secret: I’m desperate to be a full-time blogger. And I’m giving my best.

I sometimes read while eating, write an FB story in the bathroom, and tweet in between classes.

I reply to the ‘gram’s DMs while waiting for my food in a restaurant.

I’ve come up with some of the best Medium article ideas in coding classes. I write them down to remind myself later.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve my own set of off days too. Days where I don’t go anywhere near my laptop.

These days are as essential as the others.

You Need to Calm Down (Taylor Swift)

It’s not just me fidgeting with my stuff, it’s everyone around me. All kids my age, they’re busy with their own lives.

Some producing music, some building their Instagram pages, others into intense workout.

Though people enjoy the things they do, I think we should all take a break once in a while. Breaks are equally important.

In fact, I’ve seen myself improve with my writing after I take a day out. It breaks my writers’ block at times.

I believe if you’re firm with what you aspire, you’ll make it. It takes time. It takes effort.

Keep doing what you love, and everything shall fall in place.



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