Brainstorm: 1
Friday, 05 June 2015
By. Francis Pedraza

“And what if...?”

— Brainstorm playful, child-like ideas!

Today we’re going to play a game!

Don’t you love how five year olds approach creativity? Imagine one drawing a car with a crayon. “And what if it was a flying car? A yellow flying car, with red tires, and super rockets! And what if it could transform into any shape it wanted? He’s just my car, but he’s going to save the world from aliens. His name is Bumblebee. Shhh! Don’t tell anyone, but he’s actually an alien too!”

Boom. There’s your 4th highest grossing film series of all time.

Which goes to show, that even ideas that seem wild or impractical may have a lot of potential. Instead of judging an idea as “good” or “bad”, if we take a more patient approach — mold it, twist it, turn it upside down, explore — chances are that we'll discover something positive yet unexpected. Hiding behind cynicism may be safe, but the anti-cynical approach is more courageous. It is far more challenging to think of reasons why something may actually work, than to think of reasons why it will probably fail.

So, here’s how the game works.
- Reply to this e-mail with a “What if” statement.
- Then, as a group, we will play along.
- For example, (You) What if there was a _____ giant tiger!
- (Me) Yeah… And what if _____ it had green spots!
- (Someone else) Woah! And what if _____ it lives in my backyard!
- I will moderate, and we will see where it goes!

The point of this exercise is to practice playful, child-like creativity. The kind of creativity that doesn’t take practical considerations into account, such as needing things to have a point. :-) Beyond having fun, that is.

To get your juices flowing, watch this adorable guide to brainstorming.