Brainstorm: 5
Tuesday, 09 June 2015
By. Francis Pedraza

“How might we…?”

— How might we…. design a better dishwasher?

How might we…? is a powerful question. For our fifth brainstorm, let’s ask: How might we design a better dishwasher?

According to Wikipedia, the first dishwashers were invented in the mid-19th century, at the dawn of the second Industrial Revolution. By the 1950s, a century later, they became a common appliance in most homes. Over the last 65 years, since that time, there have been incremental improvements. But in the 21st century washing dishes is still a daily chore because modern dishwashers aren’t that much better than scrubbing the old-fashioned way with water, soap and sponge. One hopes that this anachronism will be short-lived.

Let’s investigate this topic together. We’ll ask questions, do some research, and come up with ideas for 10X improvements.