Brainstorm: 6
Wednesday, 10 June 2015
By. Dahyu Patel

“Sensory Override!”

— Designing environments that stimulate the senses

I propose we explore sensory override environments.

 — Opaque — restaurant dining in the dark
 — Soulcycle — meditative cycling disco.

One idea: a place to go for 30–60 minutes to change your mood, guaranteed. Mood boosting as a service.

So let’s do another “How might we…?” exercise!
 — How might we… design environments that stimulate the senses?
- Abbreviated: HMW make an X as Y as a Z?

X Pick an environment:
 — Restaurant
 — Gym
 — Office or school
 — Coffee shop or store
 — Outdoor area
 — Dance floor
 — Living space
 — Other _________

Y Pick one or more senses:
 — Looks, sounds, smells, tastes, feels as

Z Pick an example:
 — Activities (flying, sex)
 — Imaginary (Star Wars, The Lord of The Rings, talking dinosaurs, flying pigs)
 — Animals (cat, dog, giraffe, camel, lion, parrot)
 — Nature (lakes, mountains, plants, trees)
 — Things (tea kettle, soft pillows, the Eiffel Tower)
 — People (Bruce Lee, Socrates)
 — Moods, feelings, emotions (Joy, Grief, Anger, Fear, Lust, Excitement, Surprise, Relaxation)
 — Other ________

For example:
X Coffee shop
Y Looks like
Z The Lord of the Rings

How might we design a coffee shop that looks like The Lord of The Rings?
Bonus points version: a coffee shop that looks as peaceful as Rivendell?

More examples:
 — A bar that looks as windy as Lombard street.
 — A yoga studio as loud as a dance floor.
 — A car that feels like riding a camel.
 — An apartment that feels like a grassy lawn
 — A sacred space (ex. Church, Temple) that looks like an airplane
 — A desk as relaxing as a hammock
 — An office as inviting as a pool party
 — A mattress as curvy as a mountain landscape

Wondering how this exercise is practical? The thesis here is novelty. Over-the-top, crazy, wild mashups attract customers, even if they are priced as luxuries, if for no other reason, than because they are novel. People are bored. Besides, loosen up — it doesn’t have to be practical. It’s funny!