Brainstorm: 4
Monday, 08 June 2015
By. Jonathan Andrew Wolter

“Share something creative!”

— Share a link to a creative project and tell us why you like it.

Share something creative and describe what you like about it.

For example, Roadie is creative. It’s a startup that just launched this week. Brad Holden told me about them. What inspires me about Roadie is also what annoys me: it’s so obvious. My initial reaction was “Why didn’t I think of that?” Anyone could have had that idea. It has been right in front of us our whole lives. Hidden in plain sight. Obvious, simple, brilliant. Every car has a trunk for moving cargo. Most of the time, that trunk is empty. Roadie is a peer-to-peer shipping service. A way for me to give a package to someone near me who is driving where I want the package to go. Suppose I want to ship a box of stuff from San Francisco to my parents in San Diego, I can use Roadie. And it will be a faster, smoother and more human experience than FedEx or UPS, and probably much cheaper too. I like that.

What do you find creative?
 — Anything is fair game — movies, books, music, art, furniture, architecture; — you name it. Not just products and services.
 — It’s okay if it is “ordinary”, weird, or obscure. Don’t set the bar too high. If you think it’s creative and you like it, that’s good enough of a reason to share it.
 — Tell us what you think is creative about it and why you like it. Short is okay.

Can’t think of anything off the top of your head? That’s normal. Check out Product Hunt or Kickstarter, spend a few minutes browsing, and you’ll probably find something cool!

Remember, creativity is all around us. 
Sometimes, you just have to look more closely.