Brainstorm: 3
Sunday, 07 June 2015
By. Emerson Spartz

“X for Y!”

— Brainstorm combinations of ideas, models and demographics

I use this to practice idea generation. It makes it possible to generate lots of ideas in a few hours. Have fun!

So, let’s give it a try. Here’s how it works. Pick one X and one Y from the lists below. Then use them to come up with an idea.

For example: Grey Goose for Lawyers! Luxury + law. Hmm. What might that look like? I suppose it could go in a few directions… Well, here’s one. It would be a luxury if I had a super cool lawyer that I could take with me into every single meeting. That would feel like having a bodyguard. Oh, that’s it! Bouncers for business — hire legal bodyguards!

Don’t worry if your idea sounds crazy. Remember our childlike “And what if…” brainstorming game? Crazy is good. We’ll keep this a safe and playful brainstorming environment!

Template: __X__ for __Y__

Grey Goose (luxury)
Craigslist (free)
Airbnb (unused capacity)
Yelp (crowdsourced reviews)
Cafepress (customization/long tail…every interest group/niche)
One Click (Faster)
RentTheRunway (Rental)
NetJets (Fractional Ownership)
Netflix (Subscription)
Birchbox (Monthly subscription goody box club)
Groupon (Daily Deal)
Facebook (Social Network)
Duolingo (Gamified)
Quirky (crowdsourced products)
Tinder (safe blind matching)
Kaggle (open innovation platform)
Kickstarter (crowdfunding)
Pandora (personalized user experience)

Profession (lawyers, bankers, doctors, designers, teachers, etc)
Interests (golfing, hiking, gaming, traveling, cooking etc.. for inspiration just use this as a checklist:
Age group (Kids, Teens, Moms, Retirees, etc)
Location (Country, State, City, Neighborhood, etc)
Language (Spanish, Chinese, etc)
Household Objects (socks, toothbrushes, vases, etc)

Pick X and Y — two otherwise unrelated things — and use them to come up with an idea.