Idea: 12
Monday, 12 January 2015
By. Francis Pedraza


— Bring a superhuman to work

Bring an “Archetype” — a human trained to perfectly embody a single ideal — into your organization, with guaranteed results. Strangest consulting firm you’ve ever heard of. Archetype. Because culture is important, and people need an example to follow.

- Is your team too stressed? Calm helps them exhale and find zen.
- Too relaxed? Hire Fear — she will teach them a lesson. Or Anger — see how riled up he gets them.
- Too comfortable? Chaos will wreak havoc. See how well they respond to that fire drill.
- Too apathetic? Let them spend an afternoon with Greed. They’ll be hungry.
- Not thinking big enough? Ambition will fill them with the desire to accomplish big things.
- Don’t care enough for customers? Ask Empathy to spend a week or two at the office. They’ll start to genuinely care.
- Into the storm? Not only does Courage give great speeches, he makes them feel more confident.
- Want more smiles? Oooh… Happiness, Laughter, and Play are like five year olds, but practically inseparable.
- Wish they’d take more ownership? A talk with Responsibility turns dodgers into volunteers.
- Feel like they’re holding something back? Honesty and Vulnerability make a great tag-team.
- If only they’d listen better? Give them the gift of Presence. And Curiosity fills the air with questions.
- Trust an issue? Loyalty is priceless.
- Stale environment? Creativity and Collaboration will get people thinking out of the box.
- Not patriotic enough? Sorry, Captain America used to work for us. Haven’t found a replacement yet.
- Something still missing? Maybe it’s Love and her transformative energy.
- Things are a mess? Organization is a drill-sergeant when it comes to designing clean minimalist systems.