Idea: 56
Wednesday, 25 February 2015
By. Francis Pedraza


— Minimalism for the masses

Materialist consumers receive lifestyle suggestions from minimalist coaches.

We all know that “less is more”, yet our physical lives are cluttered…
 — “Stuff” overflows from underneath beds, within closets, inside of garages.
 — Our digital lives are just as cluttered… a mess of apps, files, photos, contacts.
 — Not just hoarders, even high-functioning individuals lack an “organizational philosophy”.
 — People need help creating systems and guiding decisions.
 — People have irrational attachments to both physical and digital stuff.
 — People need someone to tell them it’s “O.K.” to eliminate the unnecessary.

Receive lifestyle suggestions from minimalist coaches called “Gurus”:
+ Your guru will coach you through the process of identifying and letting go of the things you don’t need,
+ Once you have achieved minimalism, your guru will help you streamline your lifestyle,
+ And perhaps make a few recommendations for things to add, now that you have space for them.

> Deliver service w/ in-person coaches (maybe digital via Facetime too?)
> Brand promotes coaching philosophy and method, tips and tricks, success stories
> Prevent disintermediation via brand (above) and “other” (benefits, customer support, other hassles coaches don’t want to worry about)

? Target market and demand validation
? Pricing structure and business model
? Organizational philosophy for the masses

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