Idea: 58
Friday, 27 February 2015
By. Tal Raviv


— Share the sounds around you

Easily record and share sounds in an elegant, fat-finger-friendly interface.

Today I was exposed to a really dick voice mail message where a guy (I called a Craigslist ad) pretended on his recorded message to pick up but not be able to hear… I wanted to share that moment. Grrr…
_ Or birds chirping in my mango tree in the morning. Ahh…
_ Or the air raid siren going off during war. YIKES!
_ Or the sound of popcorn. Fun time!
_ Or my 3-year old cousin saying cute things. Aww…
_ Or a sunset drum circle I stumbled upon. Oooooo…

* The name comes from sound + prntscrn.

! Inspired to think differently by Meerkat, I thought, “Hey! Images, text and video are easy to share effortlessly. But sound is not. WTF.”
! Been listening to NPR more lately (NPR One app) which got me to appreciate sound more too. They had a special on a long time audio engineer that died and highlighted some awesome sounds he picked up over his career.
! Soundcloud is too heavy for this, but definitely a big inspiration.
! Easy as Whatsapp or Vine

? Can you think of more use cases?
? Would you use this?
? Business model?

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