Idea: 15
Thursday, 15 January 2015
By Brian Moore

We’re Booked!

— Book 30 first dates in 1 day

A dating app that combines Dating Brian with King For A Day. Every day, a new person is selected. For that day, that person is the focus of the app. You can message them on that day only. If you like them, you can ask them out. They may approve up to 30 date requests in a single day.

From Brian:

When I moved to New York, I went on thirty first dates in thirty days. Girls competed to go on dates with me! How’d I do it? Well, actually, it was my job. As an intern at an ad agency, my only job that summer was to “make something famous”, so I made myself famous. With some help from my fellow interns, I created In contrast, people spend hours on Tinder or other dating apps before ever actually booking a date. What if we could make that process more efficient?

Additional thoughts:
- Preferences? Age, gender, sexual orientation, non-/alcoholic
- Model? $30 in advance for every date. Most eager side (usually gents) pays. But if you’re a no show, you’re on the hook. CC on file required.
- Venue? Later, maybe voting. For now, booked for you. Show up to the location provided, usually a bar. First round is paid for. After that, do as you please.
- Scheduling? Person A picks three free evenings, Person B selects one that works, repeat if necessary. May reschedule once, if at least 24 hours in advance, but then first round’s on you.
- Lottery? If size gets large enough, consider charging $1 or more to increase your odds of winning the daily lottery.