“Now fear, is going to be a player in your life, but you get to decide how much. You could spend your whole life imagining ghosts, worrying about the pathway to the future, but all there will ever be is what’s happening here in the decisions we make in this moment which are based in either love, or fear. So many of us choose our path out of fear disguised as practicality. What we really want seems impossibly out of reach and ridiculous to expect so we never dared ask the universe for it. I’m the proof that you can…

Cheeky Fest Crowdfunder https://crowdfunder.co.uk/cheekyfest

I launched Cheeky as a Facebook group in Jan 2013 to help musicians connect with others and promote themselves. My tagline some years ago was “Connect through music”. I thought about “Compose, Compute, Communicate” as well. I wanted to help them to use social media, to be social, to communicate. I help them think about what, how & when to share their stories / content / work. I’ve done countless (written) interviews with musicians and entrepreneurs.

Over the last 4 years, my vision has grown. After being involved in an accident around 9 years ago, I wanted to organise some…

What do you do? When / why / how did you start?

I am many things but above all else I’m a creative person. My career so far has taken me around the world working with music artists, festivals, TV shows, games companies, and various tech companies. I’ve been a radio producer, presenter, music journalist, creative director, marketing strategist, songwriter and performer. I’m all of those things and more because I am a music lover at heart.

After finishing a Commercial Music degree in 2010, I started working for free at Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club. This lead to a full time role developing radio shows, interviewing artists, producing live streamed concerts and building an online presence for the club. After 5 years I left to join a startup social media agency to the stars, Be-Hookd Digital.

Read the rest of my interview with Silas on CheekyFest.Live

© Victor Gashnikov

Why music? How does music help you? How do you think/know what you do helps other people?

It’s an interesting question because I never touched the instrument [piano] until I was 19. Until that time I *never* thought about being a musician/composer. I think it was the moment when, at that time, all dots connected. In 2001 I fell in love with Muse; although it was mostly guitar-driven music I liked the piano parts in the songs, so decided to learn to play the piano. At that time, friends were forming a band; they needed a keyboard player. So it…

© Robert Lennon

From his home in Milan, Italy, Robert is teaching English online to around 15 high school & adult students which takes up about 32 hours of his afternoons, evenings and weekends. This leaves him free in the mornings to ride his bike for exercise and do some creative work. He’s hoping to be able to afford to spend more extended, uninterrupted time on composing, arranging and writing. His most recent conducting engagement was a victim of CoronaVirus.

What’s your earliest memory of music, i.e. as a listener?

Firstly, I should say that I wasn’t from a musical family as such…

© Howard Fredrics

Howard was one of my lecturers when I was studying for an MA in TV/Film composition at Kingston University in London during 2002–3. He taught a module that I completed which involved learning about sound synthesis and using various software to mutate, morph & combine sounds.

I interviewed his wife Lori — who was also a teacher at the same uni — a number of years ago. Why didn’t I interview Howard at the same time?! I recall going to meet them whilst they were still in London to share an idea I had. They moved back to the USA…

What’s your first musical memory?

Hearing the local Youth Orchestra and wanting to ‘do that’. I was 11 years old, and though I had been having piano lessons for a few years, it was the sound of the violin and string section that caught my imagination. They played Eine Kleine Nachtmusic. I added violin to piano and ended up doing a diploma in both.

Which instrument do you play more now?

I only play piano now. I play mainly pieces I am trialling for my students, or pieces I am composing though the composition side is VERY slow because of…


I want to help people feel valued as an important part of society — to help them to help others, to get them the help they need as humans. It just so happens that I’m a human too.

Support creative / performing artists
To help people get (back) into paid Employment
To help people earn a living doing what they love
Provide training / education in the arts & creative sectors
Improve on & offline communication skills
Manage their mental health

Raise awareness of and provide resources to manage mental health; A number of famous musicians have committed suicide as…

CDs from musicians I’ve met / seen

I love how a certain song, composition, track by 1 artist can be a door to a seemingly completely different song / composition / track by an apparently polar opposite creator. What, or who, is the 1 degree of separation between Queen and Philip Glass, or Glass and the Beatles?

What other music also has a Sitar in it?
What other music did Ravi Shankar play?
Who has did he perform / collaborate with?
What other music did THEY play?

Who ELSE played / recorded Philip Glass’ piano music?
What OTHER piano music did they play / record? …

Some of the music, films, operas & shows that have been inspiring me to compose the music for WAKTM

Some of the music, films, operas & shows that have been inspiring me to compose the music for WAKTM

John Adams; Dr Atomic (Opera, Lighting, Sound FX, film footage)
I Was Looking At The Ceiling And Saw The Sky, The Death of Klinghoffer,
The Gospel According to the Other Mary, Nixon in China,

Damon Albarn; Monkey: Journey to the West (Instruments, design)

Louis Andriessen; De Materie

J S Bach; Christmas / Easter oratorios

Alban Berg; Lulu

Berlioz; Damnation of Faust, Romeo & Juliet, Requiem (size of orchestra)

The Damnation of Faust — “Opera without decor or costumes…Instrumental timbre is as…

Cheeky Fest

helping people through the arts

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