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Cheerful Cooking

Based on a series of recipe experiments. Too sweet can ruin anything.

Iam not on Tik Tok, but I did catch up on this year’s coffee trend. It is summer in the northern hemisphere, and people need coffee no matter how hot it is outside. Iced coffee has been a thing for a long time, but Dalgona Coffee has whipped coffee cream as its main ingredient. It’s Iced Coffee ++ and it only takes a few minutes to make!

Dalgona coffee is not a new phenomenon. According to matadornetwork [1], the drink has been alive for decades. The drink has been made in India under the name phenti hui.

The reason it…

First up — Baked eggs on hash browns

baked eggs on hashbrown with sweet bacon

Have you ever read cookbooks like «Jamie Oliver in 15 minutes»? If you have, you know that 15 chef-minutes are roughly 60 normal-human- minutes. If everything is cut and prepared before you start the timer, you can do it in 15 minutes.

Cheeky numbers there. Some of the writers of those books probably went to work for VW…

As long as you don’t serve Gordon excuses, he will teach you to serve great food in no time!

Books vs. Internet

Instead of buying another cookbook, I ended up watching a lot of Gordon Ramsay videos online. While the screaming chef can be entertaining…

Cheerful Cooking

A Cheerful Place for Food

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