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Can the occasional ‘Cheer’ make you better at work?

Cheers help you take actionable steps.

Cheers that help build better habits

The problem

We are exposed to thousands of pieces of content on self-help.

From books to articles & blogs that contain compelling thoughts from some of the worlds top entrepreneurs, executives and thought leaders.

Yet, one of the biggest challenges we face is applying them in practice. Specially when it matters most.

That’s fair enough. Cause as humans we have limitations to grasp and remember. Not every advice sticks.

For example, you read a compelling article on leadership from a top business leader. You learn that empathy is an important characteristic and you’d want to become more empathetic.

Yet how difficult is it to transform your learning to practice?

More reading, more learning doesn’t necessarily make you better. But what does is transforming your learnings and applying them in practice.

Practise is what matters.

Practice makes perfect. Practise is what matters.

At the end of all the reading and learning, you have done, if you simply don’t apply them in practice, you will not succeed as much as you’d want to.

How the occasional “Cheer” can help you practice better?

Cheers help you cultivate better habits

That’s why we believe the occasional prompt can help.

Getting prompted is a way of reminding yourself to practice.

We call it “Cheer”.

We believe the occasional “Cheer” can help build productive behaviours and practice better management skills.

What’s a Cheer?

A Cheer contains a short suggestion or challenge to help you practice better habits during your workweek.

These Cheers are tailored action points based on insights from world-class thought leaders shared across thousands of books and articles.

Here’s what a Cheer looks like & how it works.

You can expect to get a new Cheer in your inbox once every week. Subscribe free.



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