YouTube Question: How are you buying media on YouTube?

There are several ad formats and ways of media buying available on YouTube. It’s important you are involved in selecting these formats and types of media buy.

Make sure you ask your agency to explain their media plan on YouTube. It should have more information than the estimated amount of impressions, views and cost per view. This post will help you get started.

Important questions you have to ask your agency when advertising on YouTube:

Youtube Question

Budget & delivery

-How much budget do we need to reach a certain target group with a certain frequency? Or: what’s the expected unique reach for the campaign?
-What time frame will we need to be able to reach this target group?
-What’s the expected view through rate (if applicable) and how will this impact the time frame and reach?
-What will the frequency capping be?

Media flow questions

-Are we adding extra banners to accompany video ads?
-Are we adding sponsored cards?
-Will we create a retargeting journey with extra video ads?
-Do we have several videos (short, longer, follow up, …) in the campaign flow?

Media buying questions

-Are we buying skippable (TrueView) or non-skippable video ads?
-Which segments will we use?
-Will we select placements manually or go for automatic delivery?
-Should we exclude certain placements?
-What’s our bid for a view for the different segments or retargeting groups?

Measuring success

-Can we use extra measurement tools like a Brand lift study
-What will we report on? A 30 second view? A 5 second view?
-What’s the audience retention % for the different videos?
-Do we have enough unique reach?
-Should we consider adjusting the creative if we have a very low VTR? (View Through Rate)

Ask for advise and solid info

YouTube media buying options, formats and thus questions will change non-stop. It’s hard to keep up with available formats and types of buying on YouTube (and other platforms).

You should challenge your agency to keep you up-to-date and pro actively advise you on testing new things when they are a good fit with your marketing objectives.

Your agency should always include estimates or reports for budget versus target group (do we have enough budget to create impact?), unique reach and frequency (are we reaching enough people?), quality KPI’s (VTR and audience retention) and media KPI’s (cost per view and spend/day).

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