Cheil Named One Of The Top 100 UK ‘Createch’ Companies

As featured on Little Black Book

The Creative Industries Council has named Cheil as one of the top 100 creative technology companies in the UK.

Unruly, Blippar, InSkin, and Festicket are also among the companies included in the top 100 list, which highlights the best UK businesses using technology to develop new products, services, experiences, or other forms of added value.

In compiling the list, the CIC has coined the term “createch,” which describes activities built around the interaction of technology and creativity.

Tim Davie, chair of the Creative Industries Council International Group and CEO of BBC Studios, says:

“The emergence of createch from the collisions of creative excellence, technology, market opportunity and innovation plays to the UK’s proven combination of globally appealing creativity and inventiveness. [This list] illustrates the breadth and ambition of early UK adopters in this space.”

In 2016, 43.2 per cent of workers in digital sectors, and 23.8 per cent of workers in creative sectors, were in occupations that are relevant to Createch.

To qualify as a successful createch player, creative elements such as design, storytelling, audio visual, performance and craft are just as important as tech components in achieving the final output.

Cheil is described by the CIC as a full-service data-driven marketing agency, rooted firmly in digital innovation. The agency has earned its place on the list through its work for Samsung and NIVEA.

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