Little Black Book | Cheil UK Creates Voice-Powered Christmas Data Quiz

Cheil UK has created Christmas DataQuiz — a unique spin on the traditional festive board game that everyone and anyone can play, powered by Alexa.

The aim was to find a novel way to stand out from the deluge of more traditional agency Christmas gifts and cards that would also engage high value potential clients in order to develop a dialogue within them into 2019.

The agency’s solution is a board game all about interesting data around Christmas — from the number of turkeys sold to classic festive music hits — with Amazon virtual assistant Alexa as quizmaster.

The creative team wrote special lines to build Alexa’s personality that allow for her comments to be dynamically put together to create a staggering 5 million variations.

Players who answer an easy question correctly can move along one space on the game’s board, medium questions correctly answered earn a two-space move, and hard questions three.

Cheil will be sending out boards — each packaged with an Amazon Echo — to 50 lucky recipients.

But if you’re name’s not on the list don’t worry: the Christmas Data Quiz is available now as a free Alexa skill here with the board available to download here.

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