Your home: The new battleground for brands and marketers

David Coombs to talk about the new opportunities for brands in the home at the Festival of Marketing.

On the Agenda:

  • With the rise of connected devices, data-driven algorithms, machine learning, AI and digital assistants, a quantum shift is now taking place in people’s homes: How are these new technologies impacting how people choose to interact with devices and brands?
  • With a radically different marketing environment now imminent brand owners and agencies must adapt their thinking and approaches accordingly. Find out how.
  • With Samsung leading the way in connected homes hear from Rebecca Hirst, Samsung’s Marketing Director for the newly set up Home division, and David Coombs, Cheil’s Head of Strategic Services as they talk about the current landscape, the consumer reality and the opportunities for brands in this space

Date: 10 Oct

Time: 16:00–16:35

Stage: Digital Transformation

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