Overcoming Obstacles to Scale My Business

I attended a dinner about overcoming obstacles to scale your business last week put on by The Supper Club, where business owners share challenges and learnings on how to grow. My SEO company BlueGlass is a small fish in the world of UK agency services, so on this topic we need all the help we can get!

It’s a Monday in rainy London, so I thought I’d improve my day by looking at this beautiful picture of Grüner See in Austria 😉

My favourite take-aways were:

  • What got you here won’t get you there. Such a basic point, emphasises the constant need to be reinventing myself. I’ve heard stories of business owners who step back when a business does £10m — £50m turnover because they are no longer the right fit, I need to constantly improve my own understanding so I can lead from the front rather than bite the dust because the business has outgrow my abilities. This principle is valid for client delivery too, we’re working dead hard to coordinate better SEO strategies for 2018 with new techniques that will drive our clients additional revenue.
  • Job descriptions for everyone! This includes the entire senior team. Honestly, I don’t have a job description so how on earth are people in my company meant to know what I do at work every day? I need to clarify this for my team. As MD, one brief definition I may use as a starting point is an “MD is planning 3 months and in, the CEO is planning 3 months and out.”
  • Delegate don’t abdicate. I like this quote, highlights the constant need for support. I once worked at an agency whose MD was amazingly talented at delegating and disappearing. It felt very much like abdication from their throne as leader of the business.
  • The Netflix Culture Deck. I could write a whole blog post on this but for now, if you want to see an amazing company culture laid out as values.
  • Plank meetings. To keep meetings short, ask people if they are comfortable doing a plank while you meet. We have had plank-off competitions, which was quite fun as we ended up laughing at our poor form and collapsing on the floor.

If you want more details about the dinner which was hosted by The Supper Club, they have a huge wealth of information on their content hub. I think you can even sign up for free.

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