Quotes in March 2017

Here are some great quotes, ideas, funny tid-bits I’ve heard recently.

Try to fly the plane while fixing it at the same time” – a popular saying uttered by Dan McGin an HBR editor. I sometimes think “If only I had one week to pause time, then I could really get everything at BlueGlass in perfect working order”. Dream on! The phrase was in a podcast discussing how CEOs are expected to come in and deliver short term results, long term results, and balance employee happiness. Similar to this is “You’re so busy chasing chickens you can’t mend the fence.”

People mistake movement for achievement” – Tony Robbinson. My inner cynic loves this, because it strips away assumptions about success coming from anything beyond time progressing.

“I was thinking about this while writing the forward for the second edition of my book” – Anonymous. I just loved this phrase, it made me smile because it’s so full of self importance.

Nobody really cares if you don’t go to the party” – Debbie Millman, host of Design Matters podcast once ready this in grafiti. I only go to the party if it’s on a Monday – Thursday, because by Friday I’m toast and on a Saturday or Sunday I cannot fathom leaving the house to socialise. I used to go out, but I was just spending time at parties and clubs with people I only saw with a G&T in my hand – I’m okay with less time socialising time in what I see as a less meaningful way.

If you sound like a junior person, then you will be dealing with a junior person.” – heard it at a workshop. I shared this with a junior member of my team last week, as it conveys how their mindset and displaying of their abilities won’t lead them to the senior person client side unless they re-angle their offering.