Locations, Cost and Manufacturers

Fidget spinners are made in China, so here’s everything in China :)


In China oil is a big part of their income, and they have a lot of oil sites. However, in China the biggest oil company is China National Petroleum Corporation, who has one of the biggest oils productions in the world. In China the cost of a barrel of oil is approximately $36 dollars.

Stainless Steel:

Iron ore is extracted from the earth from the ground, around china there are lots of mines in which people dig up iron ore, Nickel ore, Aluminum ore and Chromium ore (what Chromium and Nickel comes from) is produced in mines in South Africa, India and Kazakhstan. Carbon is stored in the ocean and the atmosphere but they are emitted from fossil fuels. Silicon is found in different gemstones and is found in earths crust. And, Molybdenum ore is found mainly in mines in Canada. After the ore is extracted, and refined through machinery.

In China the biggest stainless steel company is Huzhou Dapu Stainless Steel Co., Ltd. and the average cost of stainless steel is about $300 for a metric ton.

Super Glue:

Super glue is made through synthetic polymer, which is a molecule made up of smaller and simpler molecules. The main super glue suppliers and manufacturers in China are Taizhou Henco-Glue Co, and Guangdong Orient Resin Co. The average cost of super glue in China is $9 dollars per kg.


In China PVC is mainly made by Foshan Plasland Plastics Co., Limited, who supplies lots of PVC. The average cost of PVC from them is $5.77 per 2g, the PVC is made through oil, and since China has such a big oil business it’s easy to make PVC.