Purpose and Hazards of the Ingredients

What’s the use of each ingredient but how can it affect people.


Oil was included as a lubricant, to make the barings flow well, and make them spin fast.

At the same time, oil isn’t the best ingredient in terms of safety and in terms of hurting the environment. When oil is mixed with fire the outcome is very explosive. Can hurt the environment due to fossil fuels.

Stainless Steel:

Stainless Steel was used to make the bearings so the fidget spinner would spin, in both directions and around the center of the spinner.

At the same time these stainless steel bearings are very dangerous. If swallowed someone could choke, on the stainless steel ball causing harm, and when making stainless steel the fumes are toxic.


The PVC was used to make the shell of the spinner, as it was cheaper than metal and aluminum.

At the same time PVC is dangerous as it has high toxicity, before it’s made into plastic it can burn skin, it can also call severe respiratory damage, it also stays in the environment for a long time, and causes harm to it.

Super Glue:

Super glue was used to make the fidget spinner, as it connected all the different pieces of it together.

The main ingredient of super glue which is Cyanoacrylates, is slightly toxic and if swallowed can cause harm to the human body as it’ll upset your digestive system. As, well for children super glue can stick their hands together, which is not good for their hands.

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