.NET Programming Monthly Issue 2

0x00 Building a self-contained game in C# under 8 kilobytes

0x01 Fight the global warming: compile your C# apps ahead of time

0x02 Async code execution in Unity

0x03 How to Install SQL Server on a Mac

0x04 String Deduplication Design Doc

0x05 How do Managed Breakpoints work?

0x06 A story about JIT-x86 inlining and starg

0x07 .NET Type Internals — From a Microsoft CLR Perspective

0x08 .NET Generics under the hood

0x09 Boxing Occurrence in C#

0x0a Performance Tuning for .NET Core

0x0b .NET Memory Management Poster



Record work and life. Focus on software development, Unity and C#.

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Jiadong Chen

Microsoft MVP, MCT | Azure Certified Solutions Architect & Cybersecurity Architect Expert | Member of .NET Foundation | Packt Author