Hello, How have you all been? Long time. I hope every one of you is gearing up to face the end of this year 2018 and planning to add something new to your goals or wishlist. All the best to all those things you are planning to do for the next year.

One thing I’m very proud of doing in 2018 was starting to listen to Podcasts. Most of my daily work routine these days involves a lot of travelling. I used to listen to music but when one of the most famed YouTube Channel Film Riot announced their starting of a Podcast, I was very excited because I’ve been meaning to start listening to the Podcasts and explore that area of Infotainment for a long time. Well, now I have officially entered into the World of Podcast and I’ve even started my own (#Marketing). One of the major problems I found with Podcasts is that it is a Pandora box and for beginners like me it will really be hard to find a good Podcast where you can find yourselves connected.

Whenever I ask for recommendations most of them end up recommending Joe Rogan, Freakonomics or Waking up with Sam Harris. One must understand not everyone will be interested to listen to these things, at least I was very much annoyed with Joe Rogan after listening to a couple of his shows and Oh! Boy! They are so friggin’ long. So, me being a nice person don’t want other beginners to face the same fate as I am. Here, are my 4 Podcast recommendations and they are my absolute favourites.

Philosophize This

Image Source: http://philosophizethis.org/

One of my best friends recommended this Podcast and he is a Philosophy student by the way. Now, don’t be panic. I know. I’ve been in your place and I even thought why should I listen to this Podcast about Philosophy and Philosophers but I was proven wrong by the host Stephen West. He is the only person talking, he walks us through the history of Philosophy and philosophers from the time it all started. There are so many things one can learn from this Podcast and from the philosophers. Do not think this as an education material but consider this as a Self-help Podcast. I have listened to just 9 episodes and yet I recommend this. Do give it a shot and I’m sure you’ll love it.

The Film Riot Podcast

Image Source: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-film-riot-podcast/id1390047004?mt=2

Listening to a Podcast all started from them. Film Riot is a YouTube channel which specialises in the Art of Filmmaking and their videos on gadgets, special effects are mind-blowing. So, I’ve personally learnt a lot from this Channel and was hoping to learn more from their Podcasts too. Voila! Yes, I did learn a lot from their Podcast as well and here it is from the people. The Interviews are by the people who started from their humble beginnings and are achieving something in their lives, the big projects they got signed and much more.

The Incomparable

Image Source: https://www.theincomparable.com/

They do many different Podcasts related to the Popular Culture right from Movies, TV shows, Games, Comics, Music and more. Well, I haven’t listened to all of them but The Incomparable is hosted by Jason Snell. The podcast on average comprises of atleast 4 guests who break down Movies and TV shows scene by scene. It really opened a new avenue of thoughts for me to ponder over the movies and TV shows which I loved. Currently, there are 436 episodes and if you are confused where to start I would suggest “Summer of Marvel series” where they discussed and break down all the Marvel movies. This Series starts from Episode 413 till 422 and Thank me later.

Crazy Genius Podcast

Image Source: https://www.theatlantic.com/podcasts/crazygenius/

This Podcast is by The Atlantic and one of my acquaintances introduced me to this Podcast which is all about Technological advancements and Culture. as of now, two seasons are over and in these two seasons, the host Derek Thompson asks 10 big questions where tries to get answers and explanations from various industry experts. One need not be a Science geek to understand this Podcast but a basic understanding of technology will do. Hope, you are blown away by this Podcast.

So, here are my top picks and my favourite ones too. I’m also exploring a few other Podcasts and it is too early for me to put them on my Favourites list. Do you listen to Podcasts? If, so what are your favourites and What would you recommend me to listen? Have you listened to any of the Podcasts listed above and How do you like them? Do, comment and I would like to know your thoughts on this.

P.S: On the process of listening to Podcast, I ended up starting my own when I got to know about Anchor and their simplistic way of starting one’s own Podcast. The Podcast I started (Chennaikaaran) is in my Mother Tongue Tamil and please do listen to it and do share your thoughts on that too. It is available in 11 different platforms.