The title that doesn’t fit the narrative — Viswasam Review

An Ajith-Siva combo comes out with their fourth film together with Ajith fans going gaga about the movie as usual and the others are not so whelmed with the series of underwhelming movies this combo gave us. After the previous disaster in the name of Vivegam, I lost hope in this combo and am really hoping Ajith to stop making movies with Director Siva for just one reason, Man, we need a break and we definitely need an Ajith who is not constantly praised for his humility, good heart so on and so forth. Atleast both these individuals need a change from each other and we as the audience also need a breath of fresh air to see Ajith in various other avatars.

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Viswasam movie as a whole worked for me in parts but it definitely is a sure shot family entertainer which would please all types of audiences. What I loved the most in this movie is Ajithkumar, he looked so happy on screen, more mischevious and seemed he really having a lot of joy on screen.

What worked for me?

  1. Good packaging of sentiment with action sequences. Though the action sequences were over the top at times it was still good to watch.
  2. Niranjana aka Nayantara — A strong headed woman who can challenge the hero of Tamil cinema, which is a rarity and thankfully they didn’t villainize this.
  3. The Father-daughter angle of the story which was written decently well although it had the shades of Bhaskar the Rascal (2015), Siva did quite a good job with that.
  4. Anaika’s role as Ajith and Nayanthara’s Daughter. Surprisingly, it was a well-written role and even she has a character arc in the movie.
  5. Of course Ajith. I am part happy that at some point Ajith took backseat putting aside his hero characteristics and the Ajith we missed in a long time.

What could have been better?

  1. The songs — They were great speed breakers and D. Imman’s score was not on par in this movie even the BGM’s could have been better.
  2. The Villian — The motive of the villain was flawed at various levels and it lacked a punch. We are not expecting a complicated Villain but a villain who is not written lazily just for extended fight sequences. I must also warn you that Jagabathi Babu doesn’t come down as a template villain character.
  3. Yes, Nayanthara’s character was written good but instead of bringing another villain they could have developed the conflict between the leads and written the story in that angle which would have been different and even more interesting to watch.
  4. Why does the movie need so much cast in spite of them not being used at all? Ajith’s family members were just showpieces. Even though the movie had a butt load of comedians only Yogi Babu manages to make us laugh at times.


I am not a person who gives ratings (Psst! I don’t know how to do that) so skipping that part, the movie is definitely a clear winner in packaging the same old story which was treated differently and finally a Movie from Siva which was not strictly just a fan-pleasing Movie.

P.S: Since I don’t do the ratings, I decided to do just Thumbs-up and Thumbs-down as a verdict which would act as a rating. Thumbs-up usually denotes the movie to be watchable and thumbs-down denotes not watchable.