How robotics is changing our education system

When we talk about our education system in general, we mean the “old” and “boring” system that even our grandparents have gone through when they were in our age

Our education system hasn’t changed alot from previous generations but it did include some new improvements and features, one of them is merging robotics into our mainstream education system

By robotics we mean projects that are done using an Arduino or a Raspberry Pi boards, small in size but yet powerful for school projects also their low price tag helped in bringing this marvelous devices to nearly anyone who is interested in sinking their hands into the world of robotics

Back then, robotics was considered a standalone major in university or a couple of selective courses you take in university to pass your junior or senior year, but now it is introduced in schools as a major material to learn due to it’s importance so now robotics is considered as a major material as math and science

But why is it that important?

simply because everything in the future will be related in technology even your toaster and oven

Our education system will also be related to technology as well, and school projects will heavily depend on programmable boards and reusable board parts

Remember in fifth grade when you add vinegar to a mix of baking powder and flour which caused a chemical reaction to make this erupting volcano project at your school’s science fair? well now, you can program a raspberry pi to trigger an arduino board hooked up to a servo motor to tilt a bottle of vinegar to cause mini volcano eruptions. Same idea you had when you were a kid but now we use technology to make it much more dynamic and alive

Also, you see alot of students come up with reasonable projects that might actually benefit the world like a solar powered plant watering system for your small garden, an app powered dog food dispenser, and even a water level gauge meter

So with technology, student’s projects are now more dynamic, more alive and more applicable in the real world than our projects when we were in their age

Not just only the student’s projects have gotten better, but it also introduces them to the world that they will live in the future and introduces them to real world problems and try to solve those problems with what they have learned throughout their lives

There is a possibility that in the near future, Teacher might be substituted with programmable robots. Not just only teachers but other jobs as well like a cleaning robot to clean the school, a robot to organize school’s documents and so much more

The world is advancing as we speak, and we need to adapt to this advancement whether we like it or not but it is better to introduce those advancements at a younger age to help the younger generation grasp what they need from it and have atleast an idea of what will happen in the next 5–10 years later

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