CHERR.IO leads the Blockchain oriented FutureHack, 2018, Davos — from Slovenia to Switzerland — Winning First Place!

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It all begun on 22nd of January 2018, when CHERR.IO team participated in the first ever blockchain oriented hackathon in Davos, during the World Economic Forum (WEF) conference.

The prolific, Idyllic Alpine; a town in Davos, was the meeting point for representatives of global political and business elites, as well as top developers, bright individuals, spectacular teams, designers and entrepreneurs from all over Europe. These professionals put their minds at work for one common goal -to try and find solutions for six pressing global challenges. The solutions were aimed towards: healthcare systems, industry & infrastructure, smart cities and communities, sustainable development, climate change and justice and governance systems.

The WEF conference was also a subsidiary event of the FutureHack hackathon, which was organized by amazing people from a non-profit organization called ‘Future of Humanity.’ It was the first ever Hackathon that took place during the week of the World Economic Forum in Davos/Klosters. The participants hacked for the future of humanity simultaneously for 48 hours straight to produce blockchain solutions to address the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

CHERR.IO created their own SDG: Charitable and Humanitarian aid and competed in the Slovenian team category, remotely from Maribor, Slovenia.

After the 48-hour marathon which constituted of hard work, lots of caffeine and no sleep, CHERR.IO managed to achieve a successful set goals. Take a look at the final presentation here:

Final presentation of FutureHack 2018, Davos, Switzerland

The panel of judges was composed of experienced people with various domain knowledge:

- Lukas Sieber (Co-Founder at the Mindfire Foundation)
- Thessy Mehrain (Director of Global Product & Innovation at ConsenSys)
- Gavin Starks (Founder at Dgen Network)
- Susan Oh (Chair of AI at Blockchain For Impact)
- Toby Lewis (Chief Executive and Founder, Novum Insights/Novum Coin)
- Adam Jacoby (Founder & Chief Steward at MiVote)
- Francisco Benedito (Director of CBC BBVA)
- Nena Dokuzov (Director of Cultural-Economic Centre of European Space Technologies)

Because many teams in this short timeframe created already working solutions from amazing ideas, the judges introduced two new prizes: 1. Most Inspirational project in Slovenia and 2. Most inspirational project in Davos.

The Prime Minister of Slovenia, PhD. Miro Cerar announced “CHERR.IO is the most inspirational project from Slovenia”, presented on FutureHack Hackathon in Davos.

Official announcement by prime minister PhD. Miro Cerar and founder of Future of Humanity Melinda Woolf

This was phenomenal news for us in terms of exposure. Hard work pays off! We were thrilled that the wider public witnessed something great and noted our purpose. Nonetheless, there were main awards left on the table for the best teams overall.

After some time waiting, the winner was close to being announced. We received an invitation to participate at The Regional Forum on Sustainable Development for the UNECE Region on 1st of March 2018, at the International Conference Centre Geneva (CICG).

The trip to get to Geneva was quite interesting.

Waiting for train substition because of cancelled flight.

Snow storms, cancelled flights, and train delays were not enough to demotivate our determined team! After several hours of struggle, we made it to The Regional Forum in Geneva.

Finally, the State Secretary of Slovenia Mr. Tadej Slapnik announced the overall winner.

And guess what..

We got the cherry on top of the cake! We were invited on the stage at International Conference Centre Geneva to get the reward as the absolute winners of FutureHack 2018 for Slovenia.

From left to right: Aljaz Straser (Co-Founder), David Tacer (Co-Founder), Mario Markovic (Co-founder), Simon Furman (Lead Blockchain developer)

Winning the overall prize as a Slovenian team at FutureHack 2018 in Davos is a remarkable milestone for us.

We truly believe that developing ideas through Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) could significantly change the foundations of humanity. SDGs are targeted towards specific worldwide problems, that many people don’t see or neglect.

That’s why we also created our own goal, the ‘Charitable and Humanitarian Aid,’ with a focus on helping those who have been forgotten by the world and need help the most.

Future of Humanity is doing a spectacular job with developing goals on an international level and CHERR.IO is honored to be part of it. With their help, alongside help from blockchain technology and the community, we are confident we can improve and save many lives.

For more information about the FutureHack hackathon 2018 in Davos please visit:

Stay tuned for more amazing news and be cherished!

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