Their Abstract Love…….

Tracing the bright trails of sunrays from the tip of your beautiful nose through luxuriant beard. Drinking in the serenity of your face, sitting right next to you while you are deeply lost in your dreams. Wondering if she was worthy of this mesmerizing sight.

People always admired the beauty and grace of women, she wondered if anyone ever looked at this beautiful man? Yes! A man can be beautiful, this beautiful and gorgeous! She skipped a heartbeat to the sight of this handsome man sleeping next to her, calmly! Words just can’t be enough to describe that moment!

She just could not take off her eyes from this foxy man. Every inch of his face got a smile on her face. All she could do was watch him sleeping, feel his heartbeat softly within his body. Loving this man did rescued her from the assignment of loving herself. Being with him was all she wanted, with him in their crazy little world, their crazy little Bubble.