Chess: Novice to Master — Online Blitz

What does blitz chess do to the developing mind?

As a novice, which I identify as a Class C level player or below, you’ll notice that with a tactic puzzle or when asked to find the winning move in a position that we get catered to quite heavily. A hint here or an extra minute or two there. It’s because we don’t have the knowledge committed to memory, the process is still very robtic to us, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, so we can develop the PATIENCE to fully assess the position.

That includes: finding all candidate moves, eliminating each move, developing full board awareness, and understanding the patience it truly takes to calculate out a position.

Often times, we see Grandmaster blitz games played better than we can play a standard game. In today’s world, EVERYTHING is fast paced. Our attention span, overall, has decreased from what it used to be. Moreover, we want to emulate those titled players who are able to see a position, calculate the tactic, and play the move all before we are able to place our hands on our head in the all-to-common chess thinking posture.

GM Levon Aronian | Credit:

However, that is because those players have been where we are; the game wasn’t always second nature to them. But now, with seeing certain tactics and positions hundreds of times over, he or she is able to pick up on the correct motif, going forward, right away.

TRY THIS: In conclusion, I’d say feel free to play some blitz chess, however focus on playing a lot of slow chess, solving tactics, endgame studies, and all of the seemingly boring fundamentals that create a good chess player.

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