Learning Chess on a Lazy Sunday

I look back at the origins of my chess life. I call it life because it is.

The main train station in Casablanca — view from my hotel room in 2020

Late June 1972, Casablanca, Morocco. A boring Sunday during Summer holidays. My mother and I were sitting at our art deco coffee table listening to a jazz vinyl. I have a clear memory of the summer sun splitting the table in two because it was bothering me. We eventually decided to go to the bookstore at the Romandie a 13-storey…




This publication tells stories from the competitive chess circuit from the technical to the hilarious. Along the way, an experience player will tell you how to improve your chess

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JG Estiot

JG Estiot

I write to challenge my audience through creative ideas and pertinent observations. I do not feed any particular worldview.

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