Building a Brand: Chet Harding’s Tips for Making Your Business Stand Out

Chet Harding
Apr 26, 2019 · 3 min read
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There are an estimated 300 million companies in the world today, ranging from individual startups, to industry giants such as Microsoft and Coca-Cola. Regardless of size, each of these companies has its own unique brand and branding methods. In a world where many markets are saturated with similar companies practicing similar branding techniques, it’s a significant challenge to make your business stand out amongst the competition.

As a CEO, entrepreneur, branding consultant and comedian, Chet Harding has learned the importance of brand personality. In launching different companies, he’s acquired the skills needed to craft branding methods that make a splash and demand attention.

Most marketing and brand experts agree that the key to effective branding in the social media age lies in effective content curation. Great content comes in the form of Instagram photos, engaging blog articles, relatable videos, and just about any other type of media imaginable. It should aim to engage with your audience and display your brand personality.

Branding content that optimally engages with its audience will almost always have relatable, humanized traits. This connects with customers on an emotional level and promotes feelings of loyalty and compassion toward the brand itself.

Humanization can be done by personifying your brand. Chet Harding recommends treating it as though it is an individual with character traits. Speak the language, be genuine and humble, and engage in discussions while promoting brand material.

For many businesses, a great way to humanize the business and build loyalty and engagement rates is to give the brand a face. Customers are more likely to trust, look up to, and feel loyalty towards businesses that have a face and personality rather than just a logo.

When it comes to branding, never be afraid to try a new approach or brand your business in a unique or unusual way. Many businesses make the mistake of mimicking the tactics and approaches of competitors. While studying the moves of your competitors will help you gain understanding on the market and your target audience, their branding and marketing approaches should never serve as a blueprint for your own.

Instead, seek to go against the grain. Dissect what competitors are doing, and look for what’s lacking: What isn’t being said? What hasn’t been done yet? What have other brands overlooked? After extensively surveying the marketing landscape, use your understanding of your target audience to design a branding technique that moves against the grain.

Through his work in the branding industry, Chet Harding has noted that bold and unique brands are more likely to stand out, draw attention, and ultimately have more success.

Social media is a valuable branding tool. As Chet Harding states, it can help to extend the brand’s personality and engage with target audiences. However, it is rarely an effective last front.

The most powerful brands still have unique and powerful web pages that highlight the brand’s personality and clearly describe its mission, purpose and values. Though Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Snapchat can all work wonders to cultivate a brand image, the webpage should be the unifying center of all branding efforts; all social media platforms should funnel back to this centered home base.

The company website serves as the ultimate authority and statement of brand image. It unifies the company’s social media presence, streamlines customers, and helps promote a sense of trustworthiness and security.

Building a brand takes time. Entrepreneurs may find it tempting to switch up the approach and brand personality when results are not immediate. However, leading CEOs and branding experts agree successful branding rarely reaps quantifiable benefits overnight.

Most of the benefits of effective branding happen slowly. Because the results of branding methods cannot be measured in any concrete or simplistic way, it’s easy to become discouraged with slow progress.

If you’ve intelligently designed a branding approach but you’re feeling discouraged by a perceived lack of success, resist the urge to abandon it in favor of something new; successful branding takes dedication and time. Trust in your brand image and continue to cultivate it on the long term. With diligence, the positive results will appear.

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