All Night. An Explorative Womanist, Mujerista, Post-Colonial Feminist Coalition.

All Night. An Explorative Womanist, Mujerista, Post-Colonial Feminist Coalition. We are female and male, carrying stories of our own, attracted to the truths of individual experiences that unfold in story-telling. We are Josh Swift, Sarah Brown, Brittany Deininger, Jordan Stables, and Rachel Hemperly.

We have the challenging and exciting task of being curious about multiple theological locations and identities. Each of them addresses an intersection of gender, race, and culture. Alice Walker defined Womanist in comparison to Feminist as deep purple is to lavender in her book In Search of Our Mothers’ Gardens: Womanist Prose (1983). A Womanist is not just a feminist; her identification holds both the darker shade of her skin, its implications in her context, and her identity as a woman. Mujerista ideology arose from the racism that Ada Maria Isasi-Díaz experienced in the Feminist movement, and the sexism that she experienced in Liberation Theology. It is an umbrella especially to Latinx women in the United States. Post-Colonial feminism formed as a response to both the lasting effects of past and present colonialism, their impacts being erased in the name of globalization and grand narratives. It can be easy to be overwhelmed by the work of justice and theology amid intersectional identities. Womanist, Mujerista, and Post-Colonial ideologies say that one cannot be done without the other.

At first glance, we hold both dominant and vulnerable identities, and our bodies tell tales of our experiences before words exit our mouths. This group is on a quest, to learn more about ourselves and each other through the eyes and voices of culturally subjugated women who endured and used their own lives to speak back to social, political, and spiritual oppression.