Introducing: The Coneheads

Greetings from the planet Remulak! We are the Coneheads! Our pod, consisting of six members, Kelsey Watkins, Shalom Shreve, Tatiana Viera, Krista Miller, Molly Erickson, and Justin Talkish were summoned to your peculiar little universe known as The Seattle School of Theology & Psychology in search of our leader James Cone. He signaled his emergency beacon asking to be picked up and taken back to our home planet of Remulak as soon as possible. When he was asked why he wanted to return to Remulak after 78 years of inhabiting the planet earth he replied with only one word — Trump! From his tone, it appears your planet is in a little bit of, what we like to call, deep shnorble (“deep shit” as it is translated in English).

Before we take our great leader back home with us, our pod would like to share some of his enduring wisdom, as well as some wisdom from a few exceptional earthlings, around the topics of the Holy Spirit, the church, trauma, and eschatology. Our leader James Cone and his second in command Chelle Stearns felt that it was critical for our pod, during the few months we are stranded here waiting for our ship to refuel, to communicate why a better understanding of these topics are important for a more loving and harmonious existence with your fellow earthlings.

Our pod encourages you all to occasionally check out our blog as we share our thoughts and we look forward to learning more from you as well.

Your positive perception of us is vital to our existence.
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