Mad Lib(eration)!

While the “mad” in our name is more likely to reflect a Hatter’s tea party than a group of five angry women reading South & Central American Liberation Theology, we’ll try to keep the “merry merry un-birthday” songs to a soft murmur. We will be reading excerpts from Systematic Theology: Perspectives from Liberation Theology, edited by Jon Sobrino and Ignacio Ellacuria, as well as several chapters in The Body Keeps the Score, by Bessel van der Kolk. Throughout the semester we will be updating you all on our readings and shenanigans.

Our group holds space (barely, I mean, we are kind of a handful) for these lovely women in alphebetical order: Adrianna Wright, Allie Dafcik, Andrea Skerry, Carrie Potter, and Melinda Burns. Feel free to look our birthdays up on Facebook so you can sing along with the un-birtday song when appropriate. Birthday and un-birthday blessings to you all.