Who’s Your Daddy? (and less offensive questions)

We are the Church Fathers. Well, we aren’t, but we’re looking forward to reading some of their positions over the coming weeks. As we seek to develop our own theologies and view our vocational goals through a uniquely theological lens, we hope an understanding of the foundations of Christian thought and practice will further influence our views of trauma and relationship between God, self, and others.

We have a lot of questions to cover in the next few months, but for now, here is a bit more of each of our group members and why we chose this theology. You might also like to know we each love (or once loved) frozen sweet desserts, and like theologies, there are a multitude of ice cream flavors to choose from. Learn more about ours below!

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Sarah Brandabur: I chose to join the reading pod focusing on the “Church Fathers” in large part due to the encouragement of several of the group members. In addition, I enjoy history and having grown up in the Roman Catholic Church, I have a respect for and appreciation of those who paved the way and helped to preserve many of the traditions and doctrines that have shaped the church through the centuries. I think it is important for me to read and be familiar with some of the original voices of church leaders. I have read the works of some feminist and womanist theologians, so it will be interesting to contrast those voices with those of the church fathers. In regards to my favorite ice cream flavor…I can no longer enjoy eating ice cream without getting sick, which is a tragedy, but I have very fond memories of going to Baskin Robbins with my family and selecting chocolate chip cookie dough just about every time.

Cameron: After being a part of the South/Central American Liberation Theology group last term, I hope to contrast my readings there with a theology I was not drawn to initially, but which I view as being a starting point to all other theologies as well as cultural influences. I am a 2nd year MATC student and work full time with The Allender Center, so while I hear quite a bit about trauma and abuse, I’m looking forward to embarking on a theological journey of how the Spirit transforms and renews that which is shattered. Oh, and I’m obsessed with finding the perfect chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream.

Allison: I chose the “Church Fathers” group because I was so graciously invited to join. I have no idea what we will be reading or learning about, yet I am excited and encouraged to work with these lovely ladies. I am most interested in how trauma and theology correlate to the other materials we will be reading and discussing. Trauma is intriguing for me because of my own story, in addition to walking with others through their own trauma. My husband Matt and I are both in the MACP program and hope to have our own practice in order to provide individual and couples therapy. I currently work with families and children and conduct home visits with an early head start program. I love providing information, resources, and child development activities for the parents to implement with their children, as well as watching them grow on a weekly basis. On a more personal level, I enjoy being outside in the sun, taking walks, drinking coffee, coloring, all kinds of music, and Tillamook chocolate peanut butter ice cream :)

Mel: I am a 2nd year (of four) MACP student. I’m excited to study the theology of the church fathers because they played a unique role as a foundation for the later development of new and contextually relevant theologies. Also, my favorite ice cream flavor is balsamic strawberry from Molly Moon’s (RIP and may you be churned again someday!).

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