Chibi Fighter Partnerships in 2019

So far 2019 has been a good year for Chibi Fighters. More and more players are discovering Chibi Fighters and everything it has to offer. With Blockchain games still being a niche market Chibi Fighters has partnered up with a few others to help spread the word. Starting things off Chibi Fighters partnered up with coindesk to help with their article on the top 10 most influential in blockchain, which some special edition Brenna Sparks and Glen Weyl Chibi Fighters were minted for.

Not too long after that Chibi Fighters teamed up with Etheremon and egamers to hold a give away where 10 lucky people won a free Chibi Fighter and Etheremon.

With the Chibi Fighter Tron edition pre-sale, which is still running there were many partnership created with many great people in the blockchain world. Each partner had a special set of gear made for them that players can claim when they redeem their FCF or CBE tokens for Chibis.
You can chose what package you would like to receive when swapping your tokens. The item of the set you will receive is random and will be trade able in the loot market so players can try to get a complete set as owning a full set will grant a bonus. Check out the complete list of partners and gear.


Chibi Fighters is working closely together with TRON Foundation and TRON devs bringing you the best experience possible on this beautiful and fast Blockchain owned by Justin Sun.

Intergalactic gaming

Their vision is to create a platform that encourages accessibility, inclusivity, and stability subsequently interconnecting the heavily fragmented landscape of esports. Using blockchain technology, they aim to propose a sustainable solution to the current issues of liquidity and monetization in esports.


Send, receive, and earn crypto easily.
The single hottest wallet when it comes to airdrops or just sharing some coins with friends or even creating your own coin.


One of the biggest Super Representatives on TRON Blockchain. SR-Tron-Europe rewards you with TERC for voting. Chibi Fighters is among the very first games accepting their TRC10 token as payment for various items.

Proton Gaming

Proton Gaming is an international organization that will utilize the IG esports ecosystem to field competitive teams from around the globe, which currently include Europe and soon, the United States of America.


They are reinventing the global marketing platform for digital content producers and the consumer. They plan to transform how advertising interacts with the content provider as well as implement strategies to engage users all while increasing the revenue potential of everyone involved.

The L1 Crew

A dedicated gaming clan brainstorming about how Chibi Fighters revamped clans could be implemented in an exciting and action packed style.


TRONTONIC is an ingame token which will be used in the upcoming EGGIES World game.

Next Chibi Fighters and Gameunculus teamed up and people had a chance to win a unique Gameunculus Chibi.

After their giveaway they even added Gameunculus genese to their permanent gene pool. So your Fusion Chibi can come with parts of Unculus.

With the year just starting there will be a lot more great things happening with Chibi Fighters. Until then, keep leveling your Chibis up and collect awesome gear!

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Originally published at on March 18, 2019.