Chibi Fighters: An Epic Collectible RPG/PVP Crypto Game

Greetings everyone,

I would like to share something with you that I’m very excited about. It’s a game called Chibi Fighers.

The provided link will bring you to the Ether version, which is currently live. This is also a referral link, so if you decide to play utilizing this link, I will benefit by way of referral bonus.

With the preliminaries out of the way, what is Chibi Fighters?

Chibi Fighters is a collectible’s game, where you obtain fighters through purchasing of ERC721 tokens, which can then be traded on exchanges like Opensea and Rarebits. The game itself is a PVP/RPG style game, where you can team up with other players for the butcher game (smashing chests for ETH shards) or send your chibies on adventures for loot. If you’re feeling brave, you can even send your chibi(es) out to hunt orcs for a chance at loot and glory!

Once you obtain your Chibi Fighter(s), there are a few ways you can start earning. You can collect gems in game and add them to the crystal cave for a share of the Ether shard pool (which can be turned into ETH crystals and then sold for ETH), sell some of your loot, trade items with other players, or create new Chibi Fighters via fusion and start building up an army.
Those are just a few things you can do, so it’s pretty dynamic!

Chibi Fighters has an internal market as well, where you can sell armor for shards, or weapons directly for ETH.

In Chibi Fighters, weapons, your Chibi(es), daily reward claims and fusions, are all done on chain… so your Chibi and weapons are yours to keep… forever if you like!

The game is constantly being added to by a very active dev team, so there’s nothing to worry about regarding the stability of the game itself!

To get in with the Chibi Fighters community, You can join the Chibi Fighters Discord , as well as visit Chibi Fighters Youtube, Twitter, Telegram, Facebook, and Linkedin.

As exciting and awesome as this is, Chibi Fighters is coming to the Tron network as well! That’s right, if you want to get in early bird style, you can do just that by visiting Tron Chibi Fighters, (ref link) and picking yourself up an early bird Chibi at a discount price! These bad boys are limited however, and they are running out quick, so there isn’t much time left to pick up your early bird Chibi Fighter!

I hope to see you guys on the Chibi Fighters Battlefield!