Chibi Fighters April Update, Celebrating One Year of Chibis

Garry and the team have been working hard on getting the Tron edition ready to launch but still had time to add new content so it will be playable both on Ethereum and Tron version, which will be releasing May 4th.

The Slasher game will be the newest release to the list of fun and exciting things to do when you are playing Chibi Fighters.

For those of you who have been playing ChibiFighters for awhile then you are well aware of how fun and addicting it is to play the Butcher Game, well get ready for the next best thing.

In the slasher game you will be able to choose and use your abilities to help you get further along. Right now you can pick from 3 different healing abilities, each using different amounts of energy. In the above preview video you can see the Chibi use the Healing pond ability which will be very useful when you got a group of Chibis battling together as other players can move their Chibi into the green healing field and also gain HP.

With the new Slasher game comes new items you will be able to collect with each player getting his own items spawned. So you might see a mushroom while another player sees a herb. This will a) get rid of fighting over items, and b) players can get different loot, for example due to traits or other aspects.

One thing you will really want to pay attention to is if it says “you got aggro”then this means you are the main target for the orks, now you really will want to keep your distance.

To celebrate 1 year of Chibi Fighters there will be an Easter egg hunt.

An Easter Daily Reward Special where you can get a random loot item, 2x coins and 2x gems just by claiming your daily reward.

I hope you all manage to get some legendary loot to equip your Chibis with it to help you in all aspects of the game.

We are looking forward to seeing what the best legendary loot collected is so let us know on one of the Chibi Fighters social media pages.


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