ChibiFighters New Slasher Game Soon to be Released

With the upcoming release of the much anticipated Slasher game, I thought I would do a recap on all the other fun mini-games you can play in ChibiFighters that makes Chibis so addicting. Also there might just be a short preview of the Slasher at the end of this article ;)


First off there are the battles, they are like a Rock, Paper, Scissor game were you pick 5 moves and send your ChibiFighter into the arena to wait for a challenger. Instead of picking Rock, Paper, or Scissor you get to chose Swing, Stab or Dodge and get to wager either Coins or Gems on each ChibiFighter you send to battle.

Swing beats Dodge, Stab beats Swing, Dodge beats Stab


Next is one of everyone’s favorite, the Butcher game, here you can team up with up to 3 of your friends and just slash away at everything you see on screen. Once you start the game you will find chests, blue chests and apples to hit, each apple will give you 5 extra seconds of game play while opening a chest will give you coins and extra second and in this game every second counts. The blue chests are were you will find the EthShards, so you will want to choose a ChibiFighter that will increase your drop rate of EthShards.
 Check out the butcher Wiki here and find out what are the best traits to look for before you just send any random Chibi out.


The Hunt is an excellent place to level up your ChibiFighter as it battles wave after wave of Orks and Bosses, not to mention a Hunt surprise that pops up randomly and can be a challenge to beat. If you are having a hard time beating an enemy then dont forget you can give your Chibi some extra strength by consuming a hunter potion. If that doesnt work then you can always reset the hunt and start from the beginning to earn more experince so you can level your Chibi up.
 You will also get lots of loot from this such as coins, potions, gear, and even gems so keep your Chibis hunting.


The player vs player version is where you battle others to see who has the strongest ChibiFighter of them all. This is where you want to pick one of your highest level Chibi and equip it with the best gear that you got and show others what your Chibi is made of.

Each battle cost 1 PVP ticket which you get 10 free ones each day and can buy more at the consumable shop.

There is now a weekly challenge in the PVP arena, each week the top 10 players and 5 random Chibis will recieve Eth crystals, gems, potions and coins. All Chibis PVP points will reset each week from here on out to keep things competitive.


So far you can send your Chibi on 5 different adventures, with each adventure having different requirements and possible loot.
 -Scavenging adventure
 -Chibi Cave adventure
 -Coven Descent adventure
 -Chihuahuan adventure
 -Fiery Depths adventure
 To increase your odds of finding good loot make sure you send support Chibis also, you can choose to send one you own or pick some from the players support, which is well worth it.


This game doesnt need much explaining, just tap as many coins as possible in 10 seconds. Its a great way to earn coins for beginners.


The Zeppelin game is another fun and easy way to collect coins, the further you go the faster the zeppelin travels so see how far you can make it and if you can beat the record in distance which is 2835 meters.