Gearing up for Tron Chibi Fighters

Greetings Everyone,

As we continue our Chibi Fighters journey with the current Ether version, it’s easy to get absorbed in this amazing game, and forget that soon, we will have Chibi Fighters on the Tron network as well!

We’ve been having a ton of fun with Ether Chibi Fighters. Let’s have a look at some screen shots, and then we’ll discuss the game mechanics a bit.

Chibi Fighters is a dynamic game, visually appealing, and easy to play. Game play is based on a unique PVP/RPG style, which integrates blockchain technology for players to earn rewards in the form of Ether currently, and coming soon, Tron.

Chibi Fighters has an internal market as well, where you can sell armor for shards, or weapons directly for ETH.

In Chibi Fighters, weapons, your Chibi’s, daily reward claims and fusions, are all done transparently on chain, so your Chibi and weapons are yours to keep, forever if you like!

You can team up with your friends for the butcher game, which entails smashing of chests for Ether shards, (Which can later be sold for Eth) send your Chibi’s on various different adventures where loot can be acquired, or set your sights on Orc hunting!

Collect gems in game and add them to the crystal cave for a share of the Ether shard pool (which can be turned into ETH crystals and then sold for ETH), sell some of your loot, trade items with other players, or create new Chibi Fighters via fusion and start building up an army.

The pre-sale for Tron Chibi Fighters is still open, so it’s still possible to obtain an early bird Chibi at a reduced rate.

If you are new to Chibi Fighters altogether, this might be the first you are hearing of an early bird special. No worries! It’s pretty straight forward, and the process for purchase is quite easy. To start, click on the provided link Tron Chibi’s (Ref link) and ensure you are utilizing a Tron wallet such as Tronlink.

Scroll down the page a bit, and you will see:

It’s pretty straight forward and user friendly. Simply click the buy option to obtain your early bird Chibi Fighter, while ensuring you have 1000 Trx in your wallet, and follow the prompts. It’s as easy as that! After purchasing, you will see the Chibi Fighter, (top left portion of the website) credited to your account.

After the early bird special comes to a close, Chibi Fighters will cost 1500 Trx.

I hope to see you guys on the Chibi Fighters Battlefield!

To get in with the Chibi Fighters community, You can join the Chibi Fighters Discord , as well as visit Chibi Fighters Youtube, Twitter, Telegram, Facebook, and Linkedin.