Happy Valentine

This love story is from a fan made for gameunculus’ Valentine special.

Dear ChibiFighters,

I confess that I fell in love with you from the first moment.
Every day I come to visit you and from your heart I extract beautiful Red Gems.

You don’t like flowers, so every day I give you these Gems and you return my love with precious EtherShards.
I take these fragments, fruit of our love, and turn them into EtherCrystals ($$), the proof of our love.

We love each other, and from our love are born beautiful Chibi, each with different traits and names, among them some are Common, others are Rare or Mythical, the best are Legendary.
Some are Lazy, but others are very Frenzy, like my favorite, a double Frenzy Chibi that is among the Founders of our love.
Some of them come directly from your heart, while others are the fruit of union with other Chibi.

With our children I leave for adventures and always come back with precious objects and clothes for them, like my favorite, the Samurai Bandana.
Sometimes I infuse these clothes with Legendary Fragments, and the Chibi become stronger.

Our children are lively, every day I send them Hunting for orcs, so they can grow and become strong.
They are very competitive, so they compete in PVP battles.

When they want to go wild, I send them to visit the Butcher Game, and they always come back home full of EtherShards.
To some of them I make special gifts, Legendary Weapons, like my favorite, the Ban.

Sometimes we take a trip with the submarine around the world, even here you reward my love with EtherShards.
I will continue to visit you, because every day I feel richer ($$) and happier, my love is mutual and we have a lot of fun together.

With love,