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Chibis Global — One (1) Year Anniversary Extravaganza!!!!

2021 Summer Community Newsletter

NFT Summer/Fall is upon us and we are excited to share we each and everyone of you what is happening to the Chibis Global Community!

Before doing so — The Great Philosopher has some words of encouragement to share!

Hello everyone — Chibi land has felt the prayers and love from afar and is engrossed with a light of Joy and Happiness as our heroes (you) prepare to enter our dimension and rid us of all the works of Entropy.

Be forewarned, this is no small task and will require the combined effort of each of you to accomplish this task!

We truly look forward to meeting you here in Chibiville and hope that our warmest welcomes can meet and exceed your expectations! There is so much happening, please take a look, we will do our best to make your journey easier, through helping my fellow Chibis!

Chibi on!!! — The Great Philosopher

2021 has brought us far, and through many windy roads. It is our excitement to share the following updates, insights and roadmap items with you, in preparation for our global launch!

September 2021 marks the 1 year Anniversary of the Founding (Officially) of Chibis Global. As such we believe some community events, rewards and overall fun is due, given the long year its been! First, we would like to point out that the initial Transitional Phase has been a huge success, transitioning over 300k USD value in assets to the new standard! Thats a big WOW in our book, thank you so much for your dedication and loyalty to the Chibi community.

Chibi Multi-Pass

We haven’t transitioned over the original Chibi Multi-pass, but that will soon change. Multipass holders will be able to partake in very special pre-release events and activities, and receive some cool giveaways for owning one of these gems!

Multi-passes will be in effect as a “whitelister” item. As NFT expansion throughout NFT summer has shown us, the power of Whitelisting inside a community brings both peace, prosperity and trust amongst community members as well as for the project teams. As always, ahead of our time, we can now ride the wave of Whitelisting promotions without concern for lack of understanding or awkwardness as it has now become to standard for promotion and community onboarding!

Chibi Multi-Pass — what would you like to see on here?

Next up — Tokenomics!

First off, we all were wildly speculative on Chibi Wax. Noone was really sure what utility it had except a small few who paid attention to little details I would leak.

Today that changes. Transitional players will have noticed that all of their Chibi Wax has been consolidated into a singular item. (if you had say 503, 10, and 500; you would now have 1 item with 1013 Chibi Wax). Once these placeholders are transitioned into the game, they can be selected to divide in any amount as chosen.


When decentralized finance meets cryptogaming nft;s, we get GameFi! We will be TOKENIZING Chibi Wax! I can’t say too much at the moment, but we expect to form liquidity and tokenize it, and allow it to be utilized in several fashions in and out of game. As previously discussed, Chibi Wax will of course be useable in our in-game player market, to use between players, or to exchange with NPCs for chances at rare items and even Chibis!

This is an exciting development — Both Tokenomics and Play-to-Earn is the current success models in cryptogaming, and models that we had already intended to implement. Chibi Wax will be the most common item for both of these models, as players will need to collect Chibi Wax to complete specific story related content, as well as to utilize in economic models to build their in and out of game portfolios. We believe that players should prosper for their time spent in games and projects, so why not partake in an already booming process?

Staking, Hodling, & Fractionilization as a Feature — GameFi Squared!

Where investor and player meet in the middle — GameFi!

GameFI is a new and upcoming (yet already) successful design dynamic unique to Crypto Gaming. In this article HERE — you can read about the foundations of GameFI as a service. By “flipping the script” we are putting the power in the players hands, not the corporations behind fiat gaming. Your time is yours, and there is no reason why you should have to sacrifice it for the betterment of others. Now, we can all earn while we navigate the digital spaces of the metaverse. Changing financing and gaming forever, crypto is leading the charge in so many ways. Chibis Global seeks to implement many of these, and newly designed strategies by us to the betterment of our community.


Our initial Staking Model will come in a specific in-game format — Dispatch.

By effectively “staking” your asset(s) into an adventure dispatch system, players will receive returns with a rng level of return. Time, rarity and amount staked into each “adventure” will provide the staker (you) with valuable rewards of varying amounts and utility. Give the vast amount of assets that will be available to a player, instead of having those assets idle they will be able to earn passive returns in the form of newly minted nfts, ingame assets and tokens used in the GameFi system.

Renting or “Hodling”

As we have previously announced — the Rental system will be integral to the external Chibis Global player economy. The ability to lock out your Chibi(s) or their Assets for periods of time, for player or algorithmically determined amounts will become integral to gameplay. Given the unique GameFI nature of assets such as Alpah Chibis, players will be little willing to part with them, especially once the larger roadmap is released.

Players can only utilize just one copy of any specific Chibi ingame, meaning duplicates will remain idle, unless put to use. By renting your Chibi Asset out, you still retain ownership, meaning you still reap the rewards! This is also while another player “renting” that asset can utilize it to engage in various ingame activities.

Rentals are a great way for an early adopter to leverage their more powerful assets, or bulk collection that would otherwise be gathering dust. Having in game assets that are in demand, and hard to find, and renting them out, is a perfect example of being able to provide something to other players.

We expect renting to have a major impact on our player economy, in a very positive fashion. Further, this allows players coming in later to still be able to utilize early release assets such as Alpha, Heir to the Air.


Unironically, fractionalization was a concept we originally designed for CHibis Global before it ever made it off the paper. Read more about modern fractionalization HERE . We are bring back the concept of Land Ownership — starting with our Fiefdoms!!! This was a major schism point, and now that the concept is more refined, and mainstream — we expect players and investors alike to see the value in fractionalization.

Throughout the first season of Chibis Global — players will undergo a story that includes liberating the various Fiefdoms from the wicked enemies of Chibi-Land. Once liberated, each Fiefdom will enable a fractionalization auction system, in which players who participated in liberating a particular Fiefdom will have first-in options for co-ownership of the Fiefdom and its lands. This will be major for what is to come thereafter, the challenges players and chibis alike will encounter will be much more difficult pre-fiefdom, and collaboration will be key to success in phase 2 of Season 1.

From here, we expect to initialize a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) Structured by the Owners of each Fiefdom Fractional. Players will govern based on fractional ownership size, and vote/promote various initiatives within the respective fiefdom. Further, income will be generated through taxation of events within the fiefdom. All residents will generate a % of their sales to the fractional owners, as well as guests engaging in certain activities.

We are still fleshing out this system, but its 100% awesome and exciting.

1 Year Anniversary Edition !

Its been quite the exceptional ride, and here we are — 1 year later!!! Much has occurred, and happened, but through it all we have survived as a community, as a project and as a beacon of hope. With that, we feel it would be an excellent time to re-initialize the Airdrop System for our core Chibi Owners and Founder Key Holders!!! Additionally, a special reward for all transitioned players will be distributed as well for our one year celebration!!!

===============October 15th=================

October 15th will be the Airdrop date. October 1st will be the initial cut off date for the snapshot of transitioned players. Players transitioning after October 1st, but before October 15th will be eligible for the Anniversary Gifts, but not for the airdrops, so make sure you get in on your transitioning if not having done so already!!!

For the Anniversary Drop, transitioned players will receive:

1x Resurrection Angel (One Use) — Champion Revival from PermaDeath

1x Gene Syrum(One Use) Enable a mutation (random) on an able Chibi

1x Genesis Token (One Use) Craft Mod for upgrading a Chibi or Gear to Genesis Grade

1x Bushido Blade 4/74th piece of the Bushido Blade Puzzle only 10 exist (random distribution) 1k Chibi Wax to those who dont receive /10

1x Anniversary Chibi (To be announced — no spoilers!)

1x Redemption Token (Ticket Select for Discontinued 2020 replacements)

*(Additional Rewards may be made without announcement)

Chibi AirDrops for Transitioned Assets Re-Engaged

Players already transitioned by the snapshot date holding either Alpha, Tau or a V1 Founder Key will receive appropriately associated drops for the held asset(s). Holding more than one (1) of each asset WILL enable multiple drops. Additionally, holding a Protean or Prime upgrade Alpha or Tau will also reap additional appropriate airdropped rewards.

Investor and Development updates

We have a nice amount of info to share with everyone. First and foremost, as of September 15th 2021, Development has reinitialized as transitional determinants have slowed down a bit. We still have a failr decent size of parties interested in transitioning their assets, so if you have not already — please get in contact via discord.

A little history lesson, our Founder has decades of development experience in the Triple-A arena of game design and development. More recently, having dived into crypto and all it had to offer starting circa 2017- one of our Founder’s projects recently was recognized as a Historically relevant project to the history of crypto as a whole, and specifically to the founding of Ethereum projects and blockchain gaming as a whole on that chain. You can read more about it HERE

CryptoGaming History (ETH/BTC Projects)

Our Project launched early 2018 and was a Pioneer in the industry. We are responsible for launching the very first, successful Interoperability project between two different games. As you can see in THIS article, the mashup between Mythereum <> Cryptokitties was explosive and was a gamechanger first ever. You would be able to Forge your Cryptokitties into Mythicats and play them in Mythereum. This was a major success, and the matches / community integration was by far top notch.

As the project having to had shutdown largely due to COVID related issues for a hibernation period, it has recently been rediscovered, reawakened and relaunched. The unique aspect of this project besides the above that applies to us is two-fold. First the team/studio behidn the project which our Founder is part of — is the studio that owns and funded the previously debated Chibi Fighters game on ethereum.

It was when this project went under for the second time, that the community around it turned to him and requested a replacement game be made with him at the forefront to prevent what happened from happening again. In additional good news, due to the attention received, our OG Ethereum Project has relaunched with over ~200 Eth worth of activity volume in just the last 90 days!


This is huge for two reasons. One — this same team has now offered to assist in the building of Chibis Global!! We of course accepted the assistance, and will see additional resources and coding applied to the project from major, top tier devs in the crypto community with half a decade or more of cryptocoding experience. Secondly we have already intended to implement an Interoperability Bridge into Chibis Global — and now with the founder of the very first successfully intergated bridge onboard — we can expect great things.

This means that we will 100% find a way to help ALL original chibi fighters asset owners a way to cross their old, abandoned assets into a fresh, new world of Chibi stuff. I’ve been interacting with that community for the past year or so already, and assuring them this would be the case, and now we can publically state that this is on the roadmap. We will also seek to collab with major current projects in cross-over interoperability as well as help players with abandoned projects make new use of those wasted assets!

Roadmap & Opportunities

With development re-initialized we have several dates set for our goal posts. These of course are subject to change, but with the extra help and support of teams behind the scenes, we are now confidant in approaching each of these.

First The Airdrop on October 15th should herald in our Closed Alpha Phase, which if all goes as planned, will lead to the Open Alpha on or around November 1st.

To celebrate the milestone of the Open Alpha, will will be launching a Kickstarter Campaign on or around that same date. This will be the first opportunity to acquire new, unique assets for the project and to help support its continuing growth. Items in the Kickstarter will be very unique and never acquirable anywhere else. We will discuss in the near future how to be a part of the pre-kickstarter campaign!

Beta gets added to the Fam!

Thereafter, we expect the Open Alpha to last approximately 1 month (Nov 1st — Nov 28th). Which thereafter we will mobilize into a week long Closed Beta. At this point, we will launch a sale for Beta Chibi and when Open Beta begins, our first pack sale!! (For those owning a pre-release pack sale token, they will become claimable at this time).

Those seeking access to Closed Alpha/Beta stages will need to have either a special invite, or the claimable token in your wallet to be able to partake. The pre-release campaign, Beta Chibi sale, and Pack Launch will all require Chibi Multipasses for early access. We will discuss this in greater detail going forward.

Special Notes

Of our core original Player Inspired Chibis, only Merry Jam and Nhine remain! So, if you are holder of one of these fine specimen, expect great things. Those holding any of the other 8 or 9 inspired units will receive replacement tokens, that will be utilized to pick from a new set of Chibis and/or item pool.

The players that inspired these two units have been instrumental in making our community a peaceful and cohesive unit, and we would like to honor them for that. Since they own the #1 mint for these respectfully, Their mint will become the only of these to be “Protean Grade”! Congrats, and thank you for all that you did, have done, and will do in the coming future of Chibis Global!

Thank you for all you have done for us and the community. Anyone reading this brings a special purpose into the Chibiverse and we want to discover this.

Till next time, Chibi On!!!!

-The Great Philosopher




The Chibiverse welcomes various Chibi oriented publications, games, dapps and more to its universe. Our first project is “Chibis Global” a cross-platform, crosschain cryptogame!

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