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Chibis Global Response 3/3 Update

Greetings to Chibi fans from around the world and in dimensions beyond! Today we will be covering the final leg of our recovery from community abuses during the 2020 events. Founders and Hodlers alike will be pleasantly surprised by what we have in store today!

This is a support article for previously affected community members, so if you are new to Chibis Global, please check out our upcoming End of Winter update!!!

Before we get into the nitty gritty excitement, lets recap a few things about us and our community. First and foremost, we strive to engender a safe, wholesome community environment. As such we have simple and straightforward community standards. This is a common practice amongst professional game communities for the last several decades, and nothing new has arrived under the sun suggesting all out chaos should prevail. As such, those abiding by our simple standards will prosper, and of course those who have a hard time acting like a decent human being will find life elsewhere more beneficial. So please do continue to keep our community standards at the core of all you do, as that is what we strive to do as well. A special thank you to those who do so!

As we all have been patiently waiting, the time is finally upon us and the process set out in our previously associated updates is finally upon us. We have determined a new plan and approach to managing Chibi Community Assets (CCA) and as discussed, are beginning preparations to exchange the old assets with newly minted assets in our new environment. NFTs are a wonderful thing, and as anyone who knows the founder, is a key proponent in the future of all gaming, for the sake of the gamers.

Regardless, there will be hurdles when implementing new tech, and determining exactly how to manage such things. Thus, although this is a step forward, its no where near our final steps. The future will bring many ways for games and projects to manage assets, so we appreciate your patience while we evaluate and apply the lessons from years past to bring better gaming and all around crypto experiences to each of you.

To start, we will be providing manual exchange of assets from the previous environment (Wax) to our new protocol MANUALLY for the time being. This process will roll out over the next few weeks. There are a few dynamics to facilitate this process. First and foremost we will begin manual verification of verified members. Verifiable members will be those who are a real person persona that is VERIFIABLE. More details on this will be released as the process takes place. Verified accounts will take precedence, and once we have narrowed down the verifiable accounts, we will proceed to process anonymous asset holding accounts as well.

  • Please understand that any member who violated our community standards is subject to blocklisting, thus resulting in the loss of rights to have newly minted assets provided, as you have effectively “given up” any claim to CCA by violating such standards. An appeal process to overturn this decision may be implemented in a case by case basis, but for the time being: if you acted inappropriately, negatively impacted our community or committed potentially criminal acts, we will not honor any asset exchange at this time. We own and reserve all rights to Chibis and Chibis Global and will act as we best see fit.

Due to this exchange event to the new environment, we will naturally have increased rarity as we will only be honoring a percentage of the amount of assets in the old environment. In the case of a situation where all items of a certain base are blocklisted, we reserve the right to reissue and redistribute this item(s) as we see fit. This could include community raffles, social media giveaways, community loyalty rewards and more.

As this process unfolds, we ask for community patience as we unveil each stage of the rollout. Manual verification will be done 1 on 1, meaning that it will take some time to do 10, 20, or more people. We have no issue with one person having multiple accounts, however keep in mind that once the game is launched, multiple accounts won’t be able to be tied to a single verified account.

Additionally, if you wish to verify/claim multiple accounts, you should expect and additional delay in the verification and exchange process to ensure accuracy and legitimacy. This can delay the process several days or more, depending on the case. We would also advise everyone to NOT consolidate into one single account, as this can cause delays.

***We have taken snapshots of all items, and we will announce this date at a later time. Thus, do NOT buy anything off of the old market. We are not liable for any purchases, especially those made through 3rd parties. It is your responsibility to adhere to the nature of this process as we cannot make any guarantees.

We will be issuing what are referred to as aaNFT’s. These will be discussed in length in our upcoming End of Winter community newsletter. They are effectively “Account Activating” NFT’s. This means that they activate a character or item slot in your account. They are not bound to your account however, when the NFT is not present, that slot will be deactivated. The article will discuss this in greater depth, so we encourage everyone to check it out.

The process itself is not very difficult, the old assets will be sent to a burner wallet on the old system, and newly minted versions will be sent to a new wallet on the updated system of choice. When this time arrives instructions for which wallet options to use to receive your new asset will be provided. For the sake of security and safety we will not b publishing this info until after this process has been completed for verified members. We are using a manual approach to reduce the likelihood of fraud and/or bad actors from entering into the new community.

We reserve the right to re-extend any NFT previously printed to its original volume as we deem fit. However we will likely have a reduction in overall supply and will not reprint an entire new line of the old wax nfts, so founders and og hodlers can delight, provable scarcity has just increased even further. We estimate items that had 100–300 prints may be reduced down anywhere to 20–100 at most, as alot of unverifiables intentionally violated our community standards and thus will not be swappable.

We want to take this moment to thank everyone for your patience and love. It has not been easy these past few months, and we have overcome many obstacles to get to this point and we look forward to bringing you deeper into the world of Chibis and beyond.


The Great Philosopher and friends




The Chibiverse welcomes various Chibi oriented publications, games, dapps and more to its universe. Our first project is “Chibis Global” a cross-platform, crosschain cryptogame!

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